Best active players list


Hi can I join :pray:


Yea @Lord_Eddard_Stark, get on my level of hatred.

And @Zealot I never mentioned SGC a single time in this thread until now (since you brought it up).


We both know you’re only saying this so you can keep the good reputation with admins.

He’s a little smarter than that. You dont have to lick anyones ass if you just get what you want by just not being hostile. But it is indeed disgusting how he abuses the fact that this community has no pride or respect for themselves. (i have said this before and i will always do)

After all these years the admins keep saying the same thing (dont critisize. Help make i better). How exactly did you help make it better when its WAY worse than it used to be?

A change for the worse. Bot colonies were a change mostly made so you could cut down the ads that required money to be kept up. All they did was just make people like me litterally never run out of oil even if i tried to. Its retarded.(not critisizing Alex’s work. It just seems like everyone is using it as a getaway reason to counter argument anyone against the tacticsoft staff)


#@Lord_Eddard_Stark Sucks




Sakrie the salt was there tho c;


This still boggles me. Ask any admin and they will tell you they prefer to NOT have me on their round over having me on their round.

I’m going to guess, because I honestly still am not sure, that this is about me using my reputation on E1 to make sure people didn’t attack me? If that is the argument I believe that is quite a dim argument, given that my reputation if anything should mean people attack me earlier and don’t believe me when I say I won’t attack. Moreover, my past rounds I’ve played incognito so my reputation meant absolutely 0 there and they went the exact same way as this E1.

If that’s not what you meant, please insult me more clearly :smile:


Not insulting you just stating facts :smiley:



:poop: <— Leo



Who the hell are you?
Your picture looks the same like the midget on the video, so I assume you are that famous person.


The salt is everywhere Zealot if you haven’t realized yet.

^This entire thread


Anyone who didnt put me on their list 1v1 me on the Rift scrubs


Hey neutron its been a while :ghost:


Hiya Nopy. Yeah I’ve been in hiding


“you dont remember me capo” f*cker you dont remember me either :pouting_cat:


This is just funny seeing the community blow up. Its sad on both sides, but then again keep doing it. It’s fun to watch.


Damn @Commander_Neutron and @nopy99 youre acting like .commers. Since when are you interested in circle jerking :smiley:


Wrong answer, it’s better to trash talk and be trash talked than to watch. Nothing wrong with being cold especially to noobs like @hariscapo.


Something about seeing capo back on the forums makes me feel like hes’ going to drag me into a shit show of an era. Please ban capo permanently from BD