Being Rude to Youtubers who had quit

So when we are having a normal day, playing Super Mechs, sometimes you would go into the chat to chat with people. Then at one point, you would come across someone with a fake youtuber’s name. I started to see this when I first started. Yesterday, I met someone named SSundee Ian. (Now I am personally a fan of Ssundee, don’t judge me,) He went around saying “Hey! I decided to play Super Mechs again, since the comment section asked to bring it back!” But if you ask me, that is just being a true jerk. He had to be a fan of Ssundee, but once he did that, thats just being rude. Recently, Ssundee had quit youtube, but then he comes along saying “I decided to do youtube again!” But if you think about it, Ssundee wouldn’t have quit youtube for nothing. He wouldn’t do something that would make his own family be disappointed in him. People like these are just rude and absolute jerks.

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Welcome to the internet

This is not the place to talk about ssundee dude , the sm community hates him for what he did in the summer of 2016

What did he do? I watched his vids and he was fine.

because he left a link ro the sm channel , most of people went and subbed to the sm channel , and stopped growing . Which is why we stopped recieving free premium item boxes for subcriber milestones.

And also the sm channel died cause of him ._.

Like I said, You can’t judge on who I like. THAT DOESN’T GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO SAY THAT EITHER. Nob off.

I understand how you feel, if you want you can follow me
I am in SuperMechs since 2013 supporting,
I have cooperated with report of errors, recommendations, and others.

I need new subscribers so that the channel does not die,
Youtube has become very strict. And the revenue per partner
they come very well

I leave this last video, making a trip in the time.



No bro, no one hates ssundee.

Just ignore bro we can’t really do anything. Fakes are here and we have to deal with it.

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What a nonsense, without SSundee SuperMechs would never had that TOP as it had.

Had, because SuperMechs is dieing anyways …
(less then 400 players online same time on a WEEKEND)

Reason :

  • make the game nice and enjoyable for players … game grow
  • make the game expensive as hell, and hold back best itmes … game shrink

Easy as that.

Taticsoft choosed the 2nd option, still no clue WHY :question:


And the other problem, is that they do not lean the old players,
that they promoted on YouTube from the beginning, I talk about myself …
@Liran friend could you help me, do not give me the back.

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Liran isn’t here anymore, LeL.

Even back then , you were able to make a very strong mech , because ts werent G R E E D Y , and actually gave us gold boxes , which had a high chanse of mythicals.

But now? nah fam where yo bank info at lmao

What happened to him that is no longer, died? :no_mouth:

No lol, Liran have more important things to do, it really does not interest us.