Behid , indepth meaning of new weapons


Lets be rational and look up on google (like peasants) facts about the weapons or item names!

Example :
Naga - Mythological Snake
Windigo - The slenderman of the egypt thats skinny
Hysteria - Desease
Delirium - Desease

Continue the list! :smiley:




Gumiho-korean mystic fox


Sweetie - One of the developers said this to their daughter and said “O hey, that’s a good name for a weapon!”



Where did you get this ???


Look up pictures of a windigo


no that’s a Wendigo not a windigo


Wendigo or Windigo is a character or demon with an American´s legend origin, related to human flesh eaters.

It has nothing to do with Ancient Egypt or the current one.


True! I belive so, as well. In the mean time, SAVAGERY:


And this is the inspiration for VOID:


And here, I guess, CRIMSON RUPTURE:


And finally, SWEETIE:


This looks like an otter…

Once there was an otter who looked at me like that, and when I got careless he pissed me in my face. That happened to me by being discreet and observing her teeth, instead of looking down.


I genuinely and sincerely laughed at your comment, Wep! And it is 8:12 AM in Poland, and there is nothing like a good laugh in the morning! Thanks for that!


XDDDDDDDDDDDDD :joy_cat: :+1:


Sith: star wars reference? (would be weird since it isnt red)


Just to say, the Windigo’s art came from a myth legacy item called…USA transporter (or maybe I named the legs, but still…)

It was supposed to looks like a truck…


Greedy - The drone that represents the developers of this game


fresh sprites , old joke