Because nice things can also be said


What if i told you that the ts guys can be pretty helpfull and nice people.
We are bashing them their due, but not enough positive stuffs come out (and im sure there are).
Here is the story:
Since several weeks access to my account as been rendered impossible. For some reasons, my google play account (with which i log in and play), replaced my regular account by a new player one; the synch between my sm profile and my google play account had been severed… having a fully maxed and sweet phys mech (with an almost maxed full set of heat in stock), i got pretty interested to play back in the kindergarden… the first day… then of course the adventure to get that account back.
After some weeks, and thanks to some support from that fine gentleman @KilliN , @Alexander finally made it happen, got my account back.
The secret here; express your issue corretly, talk nicely to the people and then boom it happens. In the limits of the feasable and the profitable of course (that also makes sense); and of course with some patience…
All in all, to get it back i came to dig the community a little (not proactively tho), the game and stuffs… end of the day my experience in the game has been enhenced…

So guys, even tho its a personal stuff not impacting the game nor the community, i do believe that we have A POSITIV POINT to comment on… wich is nice



Okay bro this actually made my day, I’m usually hated so I do not know how to confront compliments, thank you, i think the only thing I can say is that I’m grateful. If it does not cost me anything I will help whenever i can, this is the main pillar of friendship.


Yeah I agree. They do get a lot of hate, and they do get a lot of deserved criticism, but it is also a very good online game that they have made. Fun and addicting.


I have also had good experiences with TS support. I really think they are better than most people on this forum give them credit for.


What’s good is you gave with Alexander. It’s the best TS has …!




Hell,that was unexpectedly nice coming from you,mf.
You’re awesome :laughing:

And don’t worry.There are also people like me that actually thing you’re a nice one and will support you :wink::+1:


Cheers for positivity! Glad you got your mech back, here’s to many long hours of fun! :tada: