Because I have no remorse for energy weapons

Soon my precious. Soon.

(Yes, I got a bunker shell today and will probs fuse it. Trigger Post Warning.)

(if someone knows how to move this to spam, please do. lol)


Why in the world are you using a leveled up weapon to boost? That’s triggering me even more. :rolling_eyes:

Lvled it to get rid of some junk items I had since I’ve reached the idiotic limit. Any who, good be triggered.

(Let’s see who else gets triggered).

bunker shells are insanely competitive amongst energy players and top ranks. I duggest you keep that , even of those can give you a massive boost .

I plan on keeping it, I may not be energy mech but I’ll keep it. It does kinda make me wish I had kept the Valiant sniper I got a few weeks back (Used it for fod because I hate energy mechs with a passion).

Here you go! Moved to spam :slight_smile:

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Why bunker shell?! WHY

Because I have no remorse for energy weapons

I think the titles pretty explanatory as it is. lol

I’m not really using it, was just wanting to see who’d get triggered by me using such a rare wep lmao

Well, good point ****