Beating Big Boy in Insane Mode


this was the most difficult battle I had and the most disappointing

sorry it seems that the capture of the rewards were not saved but I will tell you that they gave me 3 rare and in the box of the achievement I got a windigo epic rank (sorry for not showing evidence @L4K3)


Congrats! The first battle with Insane BB is always very intense. . .


lol, still better than what i got. not joking, the crate was 2 commons and the achievement was an epic hook.


Lucky i got one
Also haii


First of all, congratulations on completing the campaign.I’m sure it feels good to have achieved it.
Good job!
Second of all,oh em gee,you saw that coming before I even replied :smile:
Even so,don’t worry,I believe you.
Never got anything but epics outta those achievement boxes…
But well,you got a Windigo out of it,at least.
You can make pretty much anything using it.


I’ve just edited your thread title cuz ‘Beating Big guy in ultra extreme mode’ was really a pain for the eyes :joy:


Nice work! Also, nice mech… looks like a good one.


congratulations @Antonio_Ortega


Hehe i got 2 mythicals and 3 ultra power kits back then when i beated big boy -.-

I guess all veteran players should get that also


yea those were the good times :exclamation:
I got orb canon and stinger…
How bad can drops get :question:
Later Cadet :exclamation:


the box that we “love” before after beating BB or the last mission (pre-zoning campaign).