Be well Supermech pilots

Good luck and godspeed everyone.

Stay safe and have fun.

Thanks for letting me hang out in Reign it was a blast.

Too many good people to list…you all stay safe now you hear.

Hope 2020 is an amazing year for you all.


Are you on your way out gramps?

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Thank you for being here during my time here at Supermechs. Those tips you gave me through the years has taken me to where i stand now.
Thank you, @MjolnirHammer !!

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Don’t leave hammer … I will miss fighting you . One of the few who chat during fights . If you are leaving then stay awesome

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Dang you already left the clan? Last day … ohhh it’s on and cracking this week. By the way , IF you ever need a cool relaxing place to play hit up myself of Powtaito. Again stay awesome

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:thinking: what could this mean

good luck
i m Nobody NOMAD

It’s a hard moment… not for losing a member but for losing a good friend.

You’ve been one of the best players in Reign Reforged, one of the most dedicated, motivational and good intentioned i’ve ever met.

I will never forget the day i brought you in the clan… i was so happy for finding a real warrior, ending up seeing you like one of my closest friends.

Seeing you leaving is breaking my heart… we’ll keep in touch for sure.

I am greatful to you for all your hard work and dedication.

You are… and most importantly, you’ll always be part of us.

We’re all going to miss you.

Best wishes for you, Sir! You deserve the best of the best.


Come back you coward!!! I still owe you!!!

Goodbye and god bless

May u live happily ever after

Don’t listen to him . Come back to Under the Bridge where all the legends go. Let them grind out medals every week . Play with us and RELAX ! :slight_smile:


When a player like Hammer says the he quits, he does so. Logs out and throws the keys.
I’m not decideing for anyone, if he wants to go for UTB he’s free to do it. But i know him way too well to know that he won’t build robots in SuperMechs but plans in real life :grin:.

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It was pretty much a joke . We are open for whomever decided they want to play a more relaxing game but we don’t actively recruit players from top clans . We respect them all and respect the work it takes to stay there . Imagine being in HTK or LLYL ? They have been in or around the top three clans for seven years ! Look at grosbite and bestplayer. They have been here longer than myself . I have only know those two to be top players in top clans my entire experience . Pretty amazing really . It’s fun to watch from the outside .