Be careful buying silver boxes all together!


As you know, there is added new stuff - buy 1 or 5 silver boxes.
But be careful with choice: buy 1 box 5 times or 5 boxes 1 time? If you buy 5 boxes per 1 time, its less chances to get epic card than buy 1 boxes per 5 times.
If you choose (buy 1 box) five times - more chances to epic. So be careful with it.
Maybe I helped you.


No, just no…


I can make a final sentence after doing a small experiment.
1 box for 5 times - 5x more chance for epic than 5 boxes for 1 time


Nope , the drop rates of epics are the same , you just buy more boxes at the same time.

aka you buy 5 boxes at the time

I just got this while writing this lmfao



maybe you more lucky than me.
here mine footage.
2 epics at 1 box 5 times
0 epics at 5 boxes 1 time.
idk what to do maybe give me a lucky potion…


Its the same amount of boxes , keep in mind that silver boxes are not 100% epics.

its RNG


Ok, Techno.
Then I will keep it at mind.


so the dont get the 5 silver boxes i used 500,000 coins on it to upgrade


only reason to buy 1 box 5 times that is a additional card ( when you look advertisement) because with 5 box 1 times give only one additional item


i have to be very careful i got caryed away with all my coins


the only thing that seemed bad to me is that many commons go out … so I prefer to buy them individually, which I improve at the point of rare rare that by the way are too common … that should decrease by the rank or something … delays more time improving …


Your sample size is too small, Firingbot. Buy more of them and then reevaluate.


All silver boxes are very, very nerfed now. 80% is common and it´s difficult to get an epic now.

Stable price but quality is very low!


I’ve been noticing a drop in rare+ items, too. Great to know I’m not the only one noticing.

Edit: Usually getting around 60% of all items as rare+ before the update; now I bought 100 boxes under this new update and so far I have received: 182 common, 103 rare, and 15 epic. That’s almost 40%, which is down from the previous %age. And this is while I’ve been at max lvl.


The same applies to the boxes you get in pvp and campaign.

This is not the change we wanted. This is the same expense with stable price, nothing more.

Now you will have to invest more coins = + tokens too, for maxing.

It´s a trap.




got epic
this is just a matter of luck




So all in all, these supposedly “well received” features are just disguises/covers for them nerfing drops more each update.

Honestly, they don’t need to be subtle about it. They’ve been fucking us raw the last couple months as it is. May as well just remove all items and tell people to ■■■■ off,

Introducing Mass Select and More!

these are lies bru lies not real :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing: