Be aware of Phishing!


Hello everyone.

Please be aware that their are sites created purposefully to trick you into handing your account over.

Never believe a site that claims to get you loads of tokens no matter how legit it looks.

If you think you have entered your details into one of these by accident immediately change your password here

If you have a weak (guessable) password you may also want to consider making it slightly stronger. Add a number or symbol to make sure no one can guess it.

Please spread this message around. Its a real shame when a user comes to the forum saying their account has been stolen from them.

Example of a phishing website:


This is not official?


The above site looks official but it has the incorrect address and is marked as a scam website by your browser. If you are unsure of a site being legit or not then it probably isn’t legit. If it sounds too good to be true its probably not true.


Hmm this is legit 100% :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

Nah…just scamers are alway’s ruining it.

Also should you report that website to take it down?
I have no idea if you can do that.


For one. I never look for a token generating website.


Lol same.
20 worrdsss aaaa(lol)


The scamming NEVER ends…:frowning:


Why you revived this topic…


Idk… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


This is a good topic to revive as Cyberhunter said, “The scamming never ends…”


‘‘Scaming never ends’’…

Nah we just need admin and this will be stoped lol.


This is like robux scams but its SuperMechs version.


Tokens scam huh?
The main topic was talking about stealing acc’s.
That website is fake.


The scam system also looks same like how the robux scam works.
1:You pick how many tokens u want.
2:You sign up ur name and ur pass
3:Then when you get back to ur acc,u realised that your acc can’t login.(even with an ez pass)
4:You are screwed


umm yeah? maybe the admins ban 1 scammer. whats whit the other 1k /more?
(not only in this game)


If admins can read all pms.