Be able to like your own post/comment

Because why not?..


Are you desperate or something?


But I normally hate what I post out tbh

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I think you could like your own posts before… or was that YouTube…?

20 character limit…

The forum system is run by Discourse and they use the like system to let you know what is a current hot topic. If you were able to like your own post it would unfairly promote a topic.

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Makes sense.

would be funny if you could actually like your own post, you would see that your post has now one more like, but the others would see something like this:

This person has no honour and likes his own posts in an attempt to become popular.

Haha kid needs attention these days i guess.

Stfu bell…

20 charactet limit…

you already had 20 characters before you put 20 character limit

Is that some kind of a joke? If you want to do it then use your facebook, instagram or twitter account. LOL

i assume that yes this is a joke

Well it’s not a very funny one.


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i think it’s funny because of how sad it is…

called self-deprecation

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Dah…it’s called having fun…

why facepalm lol?