BDA/AANC Alliances in E2


There is a team, on E2 who claims to be a part of AANC, and asking for NAPs to all alliances, so that they can focus on ‘teaching Newbies’… I would like to know if this is fake or for real…

Bring Back The AANC!

Its real lol , someone told me


yes this is is true. however feel free to pm me to double check.


Ok, good to see AANC has started working! :slight_smile: Good Luck!


Yes, these are legit teams. Now be nice to them or else I’ll come and give you something else to focus on :kissing_heart:


But is it strictly necessary for other teams to have NAP with AANC team?


Is that a threat :hushed:


No, it’s not required, but you know, would be nice if alliances left em alone to teach and all. Hard to teach new players right off the bat to be 24/7 active to beat the rank 1 team. Just simply demoralizes newer players. Not nice, ya know? They already have a plan set up, so hopefully people will let them be :slight_smile:

Yup! :stuck_out_tongue:


But I hope at some point the AANC team actually participates in war. If not a 1 vs 1 war then atleast join an ongoing war as allies.


Perhaps, but give em a chance to get the newbies up and running at the very least first. Hard to keep them motivated when they get killed right away :slight_smile:


Well AANC is for training , not for wars , they learn how to war then go war in other eras


I think to learn ‘‘how to war’’ they actually need to fight a war


Don’t worry. We have a plan and they will learn how to war.

If anyone would be interested in joining one of the teams we have planted feel free to inbox me.


Sorry if my messages seemed shady, Merciful, I did try to seem as convincing as possible.


For two alliances that seem to want to teach people and be left to your own devices, you seem awfully pro active to start a fight with teams already . :grinning:


@Keensta I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware that either alliance had been going out of their way to war anyone. If you could be more specific, I am sure the issue could be easily resolved.


It’s a war game, you have to war to teach people how to war.


They need to learn the basics of gameplay before they jump into wars, I think they are doing a great job


Sad…They are dead : (


About as dead as WLTW.