BD Suggestion: Garrison Troops


Hi there. A newbie on Battle Dawn, I don’t know all the game mechanics yet, so if this is already in the game, well, f*** me, I guess.

My main idea for the game if it’s not already in is Garrisoning. What I mean by that is, in the tutorial, it says that Squads will engage in combat if they meet in a colony. What about those who are staffed in the colony itself? “Garrisoning” troops within a colony or outpost would give those troops a major defensive bonus, at the cost of not being able to move them for X ticks. Additionally, you can only have a certain amount of Squads in any one outpost or colony, which can be increased via buildings (such as docks?). This would make planning sieges that much more difficult, as well as preventing Squad Spam where people just load upwards of 20 ships onto a single colony when someone is attacking you.

Again, I’m pretty new, so I don’t know everything about the game, nor if the things I describe actually happen or if what I say would wreck game balance.


Not bad actually…might be good


I don’t think they’re looking to add stuff like this to bd at this point.

it’s a miracle its still going tbh with you.


We should do an era together, you and me…the two cynical people…


lol I’m not very active anymore but we could do a troll team if you want


More strategies will develop!
Already thought of one… Ill keep it a secret for now.