BD/staff~fields/team all worlds/forever

Battledawn staff has to field a team on ALL worlds.

GOAL~ Stop family sub/hugging and all of the above including farming of all types etc. IE they have to play… and if they win the era then they WIN the era.
BD~staff same rules as any other player IE no cheating :wink:, can boost red’s, or blues.[poll type=regular max=2 public=true]

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  • No

I don’t think they have enough staff to do this in the first place

Admins are hired to maintain a fair gaming environment for everyone on worlds which makes having multiple staff members plant on worlds to stop sub abuse unnecessary. They’ve also taken measures such as decreasing the number of members per alliance and excluding subs from events to discourage subs formation while increasing the rewards for winners dramatically.

Then whats the use of the admins?

Biggest issue here is conflict of interest. We’re here to keep the game fair as best as we can. While majority of the player base will believe that we will always play fair, there are those who will always think we’re cheating (as we can send out blues, make units, etc. on our admin accounts). And there’s no way to look at things unbiased when you are playing IN your own world. So then, we’d have to require admin’s to play MULTIPLE other worlds (which would be extremely tiring and painful) and end up neglecting our own world’s we’re supposed to be admining.

Now, on the otherhand, I wouldn’t mind seeing the community try to develop their own organized teams to keep worlds competitive/fair, etc. Sometimes all things need is a little push in the right direction.

And maybe in the otherhand makings admins make the worlds more dynamic. It ain’t cool like some does.

Tick 1 - Game starts.
Tick 20~100 - Tick 1 Bonus (aka Joe).
Tick 800 ~ 1000 Relics
Either end game with 10 relics owned by one alliance or keep the game running till max ticks to end.

It’s annoying… all era the same shit you don’t see Admin doing anything to make the more funny, Admins could just keep checking the game and see how he can make it more fun/competitive/interesting to play. You got Garrisons and others things that can be done in game to make it more dynamic.

I already had said it on others post… Just make this damn game more dynamic bcuz if it keep as it is a Robot can be more reliable than Admins on starting the game, giving bonus and ending the era when it should be ended. Seriously.

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Come join my world then :wink: I always change it up on G3. Just a shame there’s not much competition going on there to take advantage of it. However, I intend to do a full blown event (not just a small admin tweak) on my next G3 era. As the era gets closer to an end, i’ll post details as I usually do and allow for some votes to go through.

But I will also say that something different isn’t always good either. It’s good to have some worlds stay very stagnant and reliable in what they are (such as E1 always being 1 ticker or E5 always being solo).

And last but not least, when admin’s do something different and something goes wrong, all hell breaks loose :sweat_smile: New events and ideas mean there’s room for unforeseen circumstances and uncertainty in how we as admins should respond. Remember Factions anyone? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


In your world there are only 2 alliance that are conquering u everytime :slight_smile:

20 character rule sucks.

Yup, quite boring atm. Would love to see PSI and company come and spice things up :wink:

I can’t speak for the others, but I really do not have the time to commit to playing BD at anything even approaching my old, competitive level. I had a lot of fun when I played, but admining is a timesink, and so is playing competitively. Doing both at once? I’d probably ruin my studies.

Sorry guys, but much as I love to play, I will never play a serious era while admining, and I wouldn’t do anything like this at any level other than a serious one.

BD staff has to field a team, does not meen or was not supposed to mean Admins had to play or the freakin dev’s , it just meens BD staff has to field a team, who is in it would be totally up to the staff. jeeeezUS !! you guys kill me.

Make a players pool for it, ppl will come. you could always try it out on 1 world and see what happens, but looks like it got the hammer already by reasons that were not even mentioned in the OP.

Its my fault for being vague, BD staff fields team, There would always be a BD staff team, they have to play, does not meen The staff themselves Have to play, but thats the way i wrote it… oh well my bad.

This could be done via the community though without staff intervention… If anything, it being handled by staff would only complicate things imo. If the team did poorly, the staff would be blamed for what they could not control. Just because a player has a “reputation” does not mean they will do well every era. And finding dedicated players to sign up for such is a big task honestly. I’d be glad to try helping in this effort, but I do know it’ll be a hard task to complete.

The community already makes teams without staff intervention. lol, ok whatever.
Doing this might help you guys, staff, improve the game.
Cant find players to make team?.. lol, seems to be the same problem i have… very interesting indeed.
that is a little troubling actually.

Every time i decide to play again i try to make a team or join one it is always dead… then on top of it i know i will have to be awake for a month so i end up leaving. Would be nice to know if and when i felt like playing i could just sign up for the staff team. Not having to worry about building my own or finding a team to join on random or leading. there is a lot that goes into preparation before a round starts, spawning strategies, builds, etc. you could literally have the staff not actually play and still be involved with setting it up strategies and suggestions,leading.

I know it sounds like i want you to build a team for me, its not the case. i would play but it would be every so often… maybe one era a year maybe. Maybe, but i did run into a lot of returning players the few times i tried recently who had the same problem i was having and it just seemed more trouble than it was worth. a few got lucky and joined a decent family but for the most part i seen dead colonies with their tag’s flying.

It might do better than you think and make it whole lot easier for returning players, maybe not start out on all worlds but grow into, if you can fill a team there you go, just roll with it each era see what happens.

Eventually you get dedicated players who just grow into being staff team leaders, promotions whatever. it might be just a rank or title officially given and help sort/make teams so they are balanced with decent players and new players.

It wouldnt be a training noobs team, i’m sure noobs wouldnt be excluded either. it would be up to the number of players signed up for it, sepperated by tiers and then fill the teams. it would be a lot of work and imagination i guess, maybe more trouble than its worth?

The administer of each world or any BD staff member could regulate the team without actually playing, regulated.
Regulators mount up!

I’m pretty sure a better communicator could repackage this idea for a better sell. If someone wants to tweak this and make it their own idea feel free, be my guest. I’d rather pass it off then kill the idea because i was to vague/not sure on how to do it.

There would have to be one rule though, in my opinion anyways. the BD team would never ally with anyone. and kills subs on sight. Attack any kind of farming… oops where those ops for some other team? oh well. Debatable i guess but love it myself.

The thing is, you are essentially asking the admins to find and build teams on their worlds every era. It would be great if we could do this. In fact, we already kind of try to as we WANT more competition on each of our worlds. But there’s multiple ways to view this from a biased standpoint as well (that we as staff MUST be weary of). For instance, I pull a bunch of players to play one of my worlds. Another team was going to play my world however. I end up stealing 2 of their most active players for my staff team. On top of that, the team I picked wins the era by killing the other team. Now the other team is angry (understandably) at me because I ruined their chances to win the era. Yes, you can say I am not truly at fault here, but you also must understand, players won’t always be so reasonable. Then you’ll also run into the issue of each admin asking the same people to play different worlds at the same time. It’s not like admin’s know every player on the game either. Nor do we want to burn out the players who play pretty often by making them play even more often. And finally, there is ZERO way we could make this happen every era. Sometimes we simply won’t be able to pull together a team for this because players will refuse to play when we ask. Because us pulling together a team means only one thing. We’re pulling from the player base that’s already there. Meaning, we may be killing another team trying to form to form our staff required team and therefore, still no competition.

Hence why I said, this should be a community driven thing. I know there are a few discord chats currently set up with players and recruiting channels. I believe Greeny’s chat has one. It may be a good idea to publicly open up that chat for other’s to join in hopes of finding some others to play eras.

Isn’t G3 Galaxy tho… i joined your world. It was pretty dynamic. But not as many ppl as in BD. And BD isnt even that populated either, so…

Only one way for that to change. People come and play there :wink:

I’ll be joining soon :wink:

Well i tried, over the years I’ve thought of all kinds of idea’s, would go back and forth with Seth over most of them in private(not trying to name drop here… ive literally talked to everyone ok… Just seems to boil down to there is nothing you guys can do apparently, because i have almost literally thought of everything. Well in the end nobody can say i did not at least make the attempt :slight_smile: even if i do not play anymore.

GG y’all …Tired of being that guy on the forums. Time for me to move on, will never forget the good times we had. o7

P.S. you wont have to see my edits anymore either.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I hate u guys lol :slight_smile:
most cheeezy exit at least come on? i gotts to win something… “Thanks fellas, you are bad ass’s” :sunglasses: