BD Snapchat group!


Hey fellow BD players, I am putting together a battledawn snapchat group.

If anyone is interested then post your BD below. That is all :slight_smile:


Whats the use of a snapchat group when we already have a discord server?


The beauty of snapchat groups is idk if its possible to kick people from it. So, it would allow me to spam nudes without repurcussion. Sign me up, Legacy


Because discord isn’t snapchat ??
Snap is way not even close to the same thing as Discord, regardless its just for fun :slight_smile:


@the_neuborn add me up ----- Neutron


Gonna sign up for kaen’s nudes


oh goodness, i fear that this could turn out badly haha. Glad i don’t have snapchat! :stuck_out_tongue:


So far not bad at all, just a few videos of me and G taking bong rips :joy:


Its a disaster


Not really. Just not very active and group’s like 8 people so far?
P.S. Kaen never posted his nudes.


I just sent. Now shut