BD side of forums dead again :(


How about bringing back voting? No, not in return for tokens but players will do it volunteeringly.
As you all say that the game is dead so in my opinion players will themselves actually vote (and not just click) so that BD’s rank increases on those sites and we get more players and increased competition.


You corrupted Alfie, wtf…


whom done it?


Yes @W.P.O.T.W

:grinning: :sunglasses:


Make BattleDawn Great Again!


Bd reloaded kekekekekekek


Each new era is BD reloaded cuz it takes us back to square 1 :wink:


Forum dead again :frowning:


What do you expect when young sm players flood the forums lol, the few people we have just play the game, only when drama happens do people start posting


Is there still any drama going on in there? Phew been really long since I logged in lol


Yup we need some drama.
@Alexander how are we coming with Faction 2?


In june pls , not now


It’s sounding like there’s gonna be a lot of competition in the summer, expect the forums to liven up a little bit then (hopefully)


Iam sure of that :slight_smile:


Go back to your grave Kaen u dead fam


Anyway while I agree the forums are dead for BD no one is really doing much to solve that. We should start from there.


Just talk lmao it’s ez


Well, the current E5 has more big names involved in some way than any era I’ve seen for a very long time, and is still going strong at tick 2200+, yet its page was last updated almost 2 weeks ago.

Things are happening!


That’s because 90% of BD players are OG’s, most were edgelords, people with health issues, and then rich billionaires n shit. Lots of people who were like 18-40+ playing this shit so all they’d do was shit talk lmao.