BD side of forums dead again :(

I guess nothing left in BD to talk about anymore.

Although it was Fun coming here hating people for a Game. Miss the active days when every era had a discussion.


I feel sad for you. (Someone rekt me on earth area recenly)

There is nothing exciting going on

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Well there arent enough people playing for anything exciting to happen

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Why bother making a thread if it gets burried in 20 SM ones?

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it’s because I stopped playing

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I tried reviving the forums last e3, by lighting it on fire, and even offering 3k reds, to get the forums back up and running, and to start the flame wars, i tried to play the villain of the era, everyone was crying like i raped their wives, beheaded their fam, and ate their dog. But that didnt even work. Why try when a community doesn’t want to. Even traj was furious, he scolded me, i was starting to feel bad but then im like screw this guy lmao, i dont even know him, he can go to hell :joy:

  1. You arent me. It takes talent to revive dead forums. I’ve done it with less tokens on the line. And overall tokens arent needed
  2. BD the actual game is dead, not just the forum.

There should be something such as a few extra tokens rewarded by admins to players who create battledawn threads, post battle reports and give brief summaries of the main events of an on going era. Although this wouldn’t practically revive the game, it would help keep the forum an interesting place for retired battledawn players who wish to be abreast of the latest news of the outcome of current eras.

Bring Back the old NEWS team!! Dang they were fun ! I really miss them :sob:

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We need to build a wall between the BD and Super-Mechs side of the forums.

We’ve all seen the people these SM are. SM aren’t sending their best to the forums, they are sending their shitposters and spammers, they aren’t the best and the brightest.

These SM “people”, or should I just call 'em mechies, are stealing our updates and using our developer’s time and resources.


It’s not that that I think there are no longer any feasible solutions. I am nevertheless inclined to agree with Sakrie on this one, except for the part where you kind of insult SuperMechs players in a convenient way, typical Sakrie. That’s just to do with how much I miss your trolls. :laughing:
BattleDawn and Supermechs are two radically different games and therefore breed different mentalities within their players, that’s not to mention that SuperMechs is actually far more popular than BattleDawn ever was which widely explains why it outranks BattleDawn in terms of forum threads and/or posts. Although I’d be in favor of setting up two separate platforms, I don’t think it would practically help solve anything, let alone the issue in question.
Unfortunately, I believe the issue here stems from BattleDawn itself… From the standpoint where in game popularity breeds players to the forum, how do you want for the BattleDawn forum section to be decently dynamic again when ‘no one’ from the current player base cares about the forum aspect of the game anymore?

What a nonsense :exclamation:



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We need to build a bigger wall: money from SM goes to SM updates and money from BD goes to BD updates.

But anyway…I’d be happy to give you these “updates” because these updates just ruining the game step by step. No surprise people are leaving.

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Mate, I’m just shitposting

The wall just got 10 feet taller!

We need to make the forum BD again get rid of all Mechsicans


:joy: THAT is exactly what I meant when I said I missed your trolls.
It’s been a while since someone made fun of my lamentable orthography.

:joy: :joy: :joy: :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


SAVAGE AF :100: :100: :joy: :joy: :ok_hand: :ok_hand: