BD Players/Staff picture topic


I think it means he ripped it off Google or something xD


Maybe that it stole part of his soul? Or perhaps our hearts? :kissing_heart:

And nice to see peeps posting pics again :grinning:
I’ll post another. Let’s keep it going :slight_smile:


Me and the G/F a couple months ago .


It means being taken a picture without your consent.


I like my version better :unamused:

And nice pic Matt ^^
Still sad we never got a chance to meet up when I was in Chicago.


The one you use as profile picture is better than this one :sweat_smile:




Cute couple there @BurningApollo


No that was one of my regular jokes




Bump. Ill take one later


So smooth, So refreshing.





Carter linked this to a big chat so we’d all like it^


I was there, I can confirm it

But I liked it though, shame on me for being sucked in


I did not :\

You all saw this already you ■■■■ :frowning:


is that a science project?


Yea it is actually, I posed with it cuz the chick who owned it was abouta throw it out


@Carter is looking like a gangsta from Croatia. Watch out ladies :sunglasses: