BD Players/Staff picture topic


TW, quit running from SJ already. Get back to the castle and open the gates, my application into SC keeps getting denied.


hahahahahahah we will relocate near ROFL tho… to revenge some scumbags


:wink: We could just steal Michael’s credit card for an hour


chillin under waterfalls and stuff


maybe you could have zoomed in just a touch


That would take away from the effect.


we cant really see you is all, I mean that could be anybody, we don’t get a sense of your appearance from it really



ruin all the fun an mystery why dont we.


Why haven’t ever Alex posted a pic of himself?
@Alexander we want a face reveal!


If you are very much desperate to see him, you can visit the old forum thread where he did post his pic.


I heard we were taking pictures with our trophies, can’t be left out.


Damn you handsome asf


Thank you dearest xx


More people should post. Just sayin.
Me with my one true love (whiskey)

Im totally not an alcoholic…


Leo as found in his natural habitat:


Meh FB because i’m lazy to get a pic


stolen picture :stuck_out_tongue:


Felt lazy doing a selfie so here’s a stock photo of me :wink:


What does stolen picture mean?