BD Players/Staff picture topic


we always knew you were a robber :snail:


Come on folks! Post up some more pics ^^ Come join the fun, else you’ll get more weird photoshop jobs of me from fluff.


This is a fresh one, winter finally over, can’t wait for summer :sunglasses:



Meditating in the mountains as per usual.

Not a good picture of me, but of my A-School class. We did a picture and sent back mail to some elementary school kids who sent us candy and thanksgiving/christmas cards. They had some really adorable cards.


A wild Kenny has appeared.

Sup buddy ^^ Glad to see ya doing well!


on the right


hello :confounded:


You said you were gone Nopy :sleeping:

edit: @Uch called it


yea that’s kaen for sure :cold_sweat:

mhmmmmmmm yeas defiantly


I’m the on on the left :wink: this is from 2 spring breaks ago at my lake house. Found it a few weeks ago


Hahaha you posted this pic Dan :stuck_out_tongue:


i did? wtf? when hahaha, i think i only did it in skype chat


Yeah that’s what I mean :wink:

You look like you had a fun time tho eh?


Ew, natural light. I’m so sorry Dan.

I’ll come bring you down a case of some real beer sometime :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


blue moon with an orange slice?


I had zero pictures of myself. So uh, here’s a rare glimpse at me trying out a selfie.


you look scared of your own phone.


My reaction to the forums lately

(pic from a few months ago (November) )


I am just sweating when our alliance at F3 ruined by SJ’s Boosted Animals Player


Me in Graz,Austria when I visited my brother to celebrate New Year’s.