BD Players/Staff picture topic


looool dont come here pls you’ll regret it lmfao :joy:


I’ve literally never been to any northern cities, only driven through them. Applied for manchester uni but didn’t ever intend to go, so I’m going to cardiff


ohhh you’re doing your A-Levels too? I’m staying at Hull uni sadly :confused: I don’t really have a choice though there’s no other cities I wanna go.


Yeah year 13… Well I was never gonna stay in my city its awful lol, didn’t want to go anywhere further than a few hrs away though


That’s cool, what course are you applying for?


Politics & international relations. What do you do?


Awesome, I’ve applied to do Law and got an offer, just need to get 3 Bs :smiley:


Sorry Red…let the truth be known though. Miley Cyrus’ biggest fan is a Battledawn player


Nice, I’m thinking of doing a conversion course to Law at the end of mine but idk yet… My offer is ABB, I got an unconditional from birmingham but didnt want to go there


Cool, well good luck, hope everything goes well.


Same for you! (ffs character limit)


I’m being told my picture was too zoomed out so to make up for it…

That last one actually was during CE2, I just realised. As you can see I had more important things on my mind.

The topless picture with the trophies will have to wait…


And youre wasting your time on this game when you could be out there picking up girls from everywhere xD


Don’t we all… Also fun fact, that bottom picture is Vietnam where I was in 2014 with a girl I met on exchange. She made a whole series of videos about our trip and put them on Youtube, during the videos you can see me having my laptop open several times because I’m checking up on the Champions Era and sending some quick messages on Skype :smile: When she came by recently and saw BD open she was like oh my god, seriously? Still? :smiley: Good times.



Its already around 2 years Milan, how much more will you keep us all waiting?


I’ll post a pic of me in a yellow tutu and ladybug :beetle: wings if Milan posts the topless trophy pic




I’m sorry to say that this photo Carter describes actually exists


It’s a different one than the time I had to wear a dress for a mock trial in English :upside_down:, or did I ever send you this one :fearful:


I want milan completely naked with his trophey covering up his tackle (optional).