BD Players/Staff picture topic


Ya’ll have no idea how hard it is for me to find a picture with my shirt on/without cats covering me. So I took a fresh selfie.


Nice seein you here again Will. Lookin good buddy


Haha thats a pretty solid pic m8.


Now I’m not sure, but I guess you are holding your CE trophy?

This also reminds me that @senatus you promised that you will post a topless pic holding both of your trophies if you win CE 2, you said this when CE 2 was somewhere midway, but you didn’t post it.


oh gosh what has this thread come too, someone wants to see Milan top less :joy:


It was not me who demanded it. Someone else did & he senatus obliged to it.
Btw I’m straight. Its illegal in my country to not be straight.


Holy shiznit. Niracas is still here :smile_cat:

Who DOESN’T want to see Milan top less?!
I mean, he said he was the one in the middle. You can barely see the guy! We need more topless Meelan pics!


As said best by the Black Knight: "I’m not dead yet"
Yeah the trophy is still on my desk as a reminder of how little sleep a human can live through.


Why did this die so quickly? :stuck_out_tongue:


Waiting for @Psi to spam this topic :smirk:


Look at that handsome fella! Call me sometime lover boy


Seein some old faces poppin back up :smiley:

(post a pic).





Omg Bridlington is like a 30 min drive from my city :joy:


I’m famous. Thanks for letting everyone know my real name G. Ugh


How did this thread die so quickly? Hey Traj U gonna show us one?


You from Hull Swagger?


I am indeed, woahhhh how do you know? :open_mouth:


Well I live down south near Bristol but I had no idea you were UK as well