BD Players/Staff picture topic


Dont lie to us fluff. We know elcent is the girl


This is 2017 and you assume gender based on that persons face? :o Im triggered. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


I could have sworn Elcent was a young Sebastien Vettel for a second :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oooolod pic of me while on stage.

And slightly newer pic of me


Im in the middle with a pink shirt. This was like sometime last summer or so

(also i have no idea what that blue shit is under the guy on my lefts eye)

#27 I’m the one on the left


me and another player Harsh (Shivam), we met last year :stuck_out_tongue:


So djina from the two of you who was on vacation?

I didn’t upload my pic even last time on old forum, in planning to do it this time though.


I was :yum: :stuck_out_tongue:


Hope you had a great vacation.

Lol this reminds me, a few years back there were some discussions on forum about gathering in a central location. I think it was Netherlands which was chosen. Did any if that actually happen?


It didn’t no, sadly. The expectation was, I believe, that there wouldn’t quite be enough interest. The idea has merit though, perhaps we can do it in a while since BD seems to be getting better :slight_smile:


Lol it is easy for you to say as you are based in Netherlands only. Its not that simple for others.


Maybe have possible meet ups if you’re in the same country, because most people can’t fly somewhere unless they really want to and have time + cash to do it.


This wasn’t meant as a sort of player meet-up, the idea was to have an actual era played by a ton of people in a sort of large warehouse. I think the name of the topic was warehouse event, let me look it up…

Turns out it was called Battledawn Marathon, but the gist of it was to rent this large space where we’d have a weeklong era with everyone. Read the topic if you want, it sounds awesome :slight_smile:


Sounds like a fun idea, however I dont really see it as a chance to happen. A lack of REAL COMMITTED interest would be the issue.


no, a lack of plane tickets would be the issue x.x


False, Milan is objectively the most attractive.

the horrible degrading things I would do to him…


milan don’t lie :sweat_smile: your the one on the very left we know ur Asian :stuck_out_tongue:


Simmen those pictures are old now you look like this on the stage

#41 I feel compelled to post one myself now. Far right. The other two are my two oldest friends.