BD Players/Staff picture topic


no idea who you talking about bt night


Why are you even poking on our side of forum?
Folks who play BD know very well know whom I referred to as Dz and emo.


yeash okay then guess then i ma stay on the sm side then


If no one does it by next year I’ll cosplay as her for halloween. hold me to this


You are most welcomed to be active and participate on BD side as well, but then start playing BD first.




I think Princess Elcy should do it.

Also, very true! How could I forget Sue! But yes, no forum account (that I know of)


One of the few pics I was actually happy in. This was before graduation.


lelegit face reveal


I dont play anymore but i visit forum sometimes :yum:


Very glad to see you dz.
If you get time pl also interact on the mass BD chat.


Not me but he look friendly though #Ifriendlytoo


This thread is about BD players. So SM guy, make like a tree, and leave


Zazmiri, zamisli da si klokan i odjebi u skokovima