BD Players/Staff picture topic


RIP. oops.





Why does your baby have a beard?


Why you gotta ask questions?


Why don’t you get my joke?


I did, why didn’t you get mine.?


I thought it was but fellas on this forums are hard to read so I couldn’t assume for you either lol




How do I “unlike” a post?


Which one is Apollo??


@Gaurav @leobratce


Is it just me who thinks if Leo was Born to indian parents he would look like Gaurav (almost)


Wth brother, I don’t sh1t around on beaches xD




Standard Rooftop in downtown LA



Still waiting for a day someone cosplays as earth girl and puts a pic here.


@Djina @Horo @Soniya_Madaan @celene @Angelwings @yummy03 @Elcent

There, tagged all the girls who still play that could possibly do it (sorry if I forgot you)


Dz still playing? Haven’t seen her playing in a long time. Btw if she doesn’t see this and doesn’t post pic any time soon one can find more of her pics on “E3 era 2 crazy” thread.

For Emo, she runs a YouTube channel by her name itself. You can find her there.

One name that I can think over my head which Josh probably missed is sue. But I think she hasn’t made herself an account yet on this new forum.


Put some respect on that name
G3 Hero Hard Carry Sue