BD Players/Staff picture topic


Let’s revive it with live pics only.
Bet none of you can do this


You’re all welcome


Snap this thing still alive? Color me impressed


I wont post pictures of myself but this thread is great so keep going peeps


Thats cool blue Josh!


Hmm, can we revive this yet again? Let’s see!

Tigers in Thailand :slight_smile:


The wolf next to a tiger huh? :smiley:


Thats a really Photogenic tiger.


you’ve been wearing the same shirt for more than a month?:stuck_out_tongue:xD


It looks the the Tiger is holding the camera kinda lmao


Hi , this is me


Yes, I just never took it off


or maybe its ur body paint


So it was BlueWolf all along? :thinking:


Red Ranger reporting in


Lol so you actually did it post here.
Good one and Happy Halloween.

So now I see, @Malicewolf was having lunch with his parents yesterday on the occasion of Halloween.


I had lunch with my parents (because it’s nice to see family) xD


Ofc, everyone likes to see family, don’t get me wrong there, but from the Hollywood movies I have watched I noticed that sons/daughters in the US meet their parents only on occasions or some other important matter.


It wouldn’t believe hollywood. It is just convenient for movie plots. I and most people I know visit relatives
(reasonably close relatives) on a regular basis.
I visit my grandparents probably 3 times a month. They live about an hour away


You pressed reply too early, wait for the pic to load