BD Players/Staff picture topic


In the interest of the players getting to know who the staff members are, we figured we’d make a thread where we try to have a picture of all of us and where players can post a picture of themselves as well. The rules obviously apply here, so please be civil and don’t post any inappropriate pictures.

Since I’m starting this topic I’ll start off with myself.


I’m the one in the middle, obviously.

Like I said, feel free to post a picture of yourself so the other players can get to know you better!


I’m not the white one.


Oh hey this topic exists.


We need more people to participate in this!!

Until then, here’s another photo of me. That’s your punishment for not posting your photos. More horrible Malice photo’s.


@Malicewolf has always said he wanted a Mr. Miyagi beard.


See, I told you what would happen if ya’ll didn’t start posting.


hahahahaha that Mr. Miyagi beard though.

Gaurav is sexiest I must say though #nohomo


Well thank you kind sir #nohomo


I’m mostly just bitter that I lost to G in sexiness


Anytime G.

Don’t worry Malice with that Mr. Miyagi beard you are on par with him, however I can’t consider it as a part of the sexiness competition as the rules that I just thought of prevent that.


I like this thread!


My mother took this picture back in 2010. It’s in Gevena, Switzerland. I am standing on the bridge on top of the Geneva lake.

I took this picture in my father’s office in Lebanon just recently. As you can see I like to wear formal shirts and all kind of formal clothes because I like to stay classy all the time even during normal occasions. I dislike T-Shirts, shorts and jeans too much.

Here are my two pictures!


Dislike jeans!!! BLASPHEMY!!

But lookin sharp there George! :wink:


Thank you! I appreciate your comment Josh! <3


This is me late last year, as a fresh recruit for the Fire Service:


Definitely need more people taking part in this.

Picture of me at Uni


Elcent is a girl confirmed :+1:


elcent is the one on the right fellas!


Really nice! <3 I like your picture!


Elcy is HOTTT!!!


Did you know that @Elcent moonlights as a mafia boss?