BD Memes for Fun


Where is PLO? Some SGC too?


and the people who came back to play faction event , cant find them aswell.





Oh yeah, that too. Miss 'em. No, I don’t miss 'em


Damn Psi :joy: , Everyone knows the truth , what happened that era

You won with numbers , PLO alone was alone enough for you all , One of the eras where he lost

He didn’t quit , he’s busy , I’ve asked him :slight_smile:

So stop buzzing around that you made him quit


I’ve beat PLO 5 times and lost one when he had the world against me.

So, anything else u have to say?



I didn’t ask how many times you beat him and how many times he did xD

I don’t have anything to say , I’m good :slight_smile:


So do not come with excuse that I did win with numbers as he also did, what about know the facts before talking bullshit? :slight_smile:


I like how people conveniently forget the amount of spammers PLO had scattered throughout M2 E78


Plo who??? :thinking:


You did , that’s what I wanted to say :slight_smile:


Oh Jeez, just noticed u are Rommeo. ~ irrelevant


This one:


Not even sure if you were talking about PSIs numbers in M2 or not but that was the only one I was in, it was BT 3M and PLO vs EzPz DINO CK 1 and Swags team (sorry I forget the name but it was really only Swag doing heaps) so yeah… those 9 plus spammers… equals PLO having more people?? :joy: :joy:


Oh lol , what’s irrelevant
And if so , Don’t you remember the last e3 “The Black Trajic”

At the beginning , you didn’t knew that I am planted with the ign PLO (it was just after the m2 era , where psi admits he made plo quit)
Why did you msg me (in game) 2 Times asking whether I’m playing or not ?
You also did tell that “Tell me if you want to play” , as your team mate was useless unless trajic jointed :joy:
Plus you requested for being allies ! , Any explanation?


You’re irrelevant dude.

PLO and I are just enemies in game, we are cool when not warring each other, its something called Respect, thing u do not have. And I did played with him 3 times already had no problem on playing with him by the 4th time… Anything else?


These aren’t memes people!! Back on topic or I ban you! (I’m crazy with power!! mwhahahaha)


Then i will keep posting simple messages and not memes , cause