BD Memes for Fun


Rly? Using some website for that instead of using photoshop?


That ICEMAN PLO one is awesome !


Indeed. Simplier really. Photoshop can be done, but then i gotta open photoshop, save the meme, do the text edit, upload it onto another service, then get the link. Or i can just use a generator, put the text in, and copy. Seems easier to me :smiley:


Thanks @malicewolf I had a false notion that making memes requires a lot of efforts. But its not that difficult.

Also lets say I have a template of my own which is missing in those sites. Then how can a write on them?


Photoshop, maybe?
More characters


I use imgflips meme generator you can upload Your Own pics


Thanks @Zealot
And @kaen idk how to photoshop, maybe you can teach me?


@hitmo - photoshop isn’t too difficult. There are lots of online tutorials. Of course, practice makes perfect though. But I when I ran Tribune, all the pages I did were photoshop and I learned it on the spot while creating. Granted, that’s also why some of the pages looked real crappy on the 1st issue :stuck_out_tongue: And also why I burned out so quickly (took me like, 2 hours a page to make since I was learning and trying to figure out what to do at same time).

But the actual learning tutorial process (especially just for fun) should only take 10 minutes or so. All sorts of online tutorials and videos that are easy to follow and tweak


PLO Sucks. I totally hate him since I start to be a infamous spy


Alright ill try,lets see.
Talking abt tribune when will we get our next issue? I was about to ask you the same.


Unless someone else wants to pop in and take over, i don’t have the time for it right now. It took up a majority of my freetime when I ran it. I just can’t afford to do so at this point.


whats tribune? :japanese_goblin:


This :jack_o_lantern:


Plo is good. Thou killing him is an achiev than medals for me. :joy::joy:


Found the song that PLO, ICE, and Andrei listen to


OMFG that was one of the funniest things i ever saw in BD lol


I’ve got another one.




This sums up my life[quote=“Malicewolf, post:106, topic:472, full:true”]