BD Memes for Fun


I don’t know why this cracked me up so hard.


how to help the admin ban you



Am I the only person on this planet who literally sits and just stares at the screen for the tick to pass?



Try playing a dead 1 ticker


(Image courtesy of Zoom from G3)
So i dont know whats happening in G3 but it looks like @Malicewolf has finally lost it.


He’s competing with @Theo to have the best defence army


Psh, @Theo think’s he can beat me :unamused:



It’s just my colony. I wouldn’t do that to the relics :rofl:
(though, I have seen entire armies suicide into my relics before :sweat_smile:)


Wow, what an easy army to beat





My face when I see a teammate send a long ETA attack during a war



Credit to @cousin_joe


This is a cursed image


trying to get some sleep at 4 in the morning



When you use a res op for sleep twice and make the enemy waste agents on all res ops


I didn’t know there was a BD Meme Thread!!