BD Memes for Fun


Just for some fun and such, I thought it’d be interesting to start a meme topic. Feel free to use this generator or others :slight_smile:

I feel like I could make hundreds of them, but I don’t want to take up everyone’s ideas :slight_smile: So here’s just a few!


Even i was one :sweat:



I was online since tick 40 eager to see myself in a faction, its tick 51 now still not in faction & timer is paused.


This is legit the first meme I ever make.

And the last one…


My feelings about E4 right now



Love this so much, didn’t fight myself but I saw it unfold :smiley:




@djina remember plo?


Omg :joy: :joy: there was more :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


How I feel Admin’s feel just about every day


E4? Seen lots of colonies get banned in Asia :stuck_out_tongue:



@Lord_Eddard_Stark / @Alfie



The best part about this is I actually found it by googling “THENICKRULZ” about a year ago. I never made this. Still makes me laugh to this day, I want to find out who made it


If I recall the lat time you posted this was on the RoFL Vs Dino & Rage thread 2 years ago.


My experience with AANC mentoring and the Factions event chats so far


Meanwhile in Event’s Leader Group Chat.


It’s funny because this is seriously what it was like :joy:


THATS LEO LOL :joy: :joy: