BD Game Rule Feedback


And Just for the Lolz.

Is that why Mandark can move 3 accounts on E3? Just because he ain’t a threat to anyone?


Give suggestions on limitations if you like that idea. We’ve played around with some ideas in the background while coming up with the ruleset (yes, we already knew some of these would cause some uproar). Honestly, war can come up at any tick really. I’ve been in wars at tick 2 on worlds. No one wants to be limited on what they can do during such times. But, very very seldom do early wars require 30+ attacks to be sent out at once. I think a decent cut off is tick 100. Once that tick limit is hit, your ability to launch attacks should be limited to 1 per tick you are planted. This would stop the new colonies from being planted for spams, while still allowing actual new players to do things. My first thought is that people might complain that someone serious could try to plant late and this would impede them. I would agree in a sense, but I don’t know of anyone who plants late in game to win trying to send attacks out immediately. That would be suicidal imo and only leads me to believe you were only planting to try spamming anyways.

Feel free to argue points against me in the above. Was only initial thoughts on possible way to stop new planted spammers. As already stated, those who planted and waited a while before attacking are 100% fair game imo. You knew they were there and you didn’t do anything about them. Your own negligence imo.


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its a good idea, but this also means that if a person plants and starts spamming immediately

instead of dealing with 1-5 infs which spam defences can kill they will start spamming u with full squads which no amout of foresight can predict :slight_smile:


holy shit guys you went from 0 to savage real quick


A reply of a real BattleDawner, couldn’t have said it better. There’s no Battledawn if you’re not ready to grind it through.


A real Battledawner = Keep figthing even if it gets tough as heck.
Not A real Battledawner = Keep wasting your time whilst the opponent team keep cheating and get away with it.


Honestly in my opinion. We cannot regulate what is legitimate spamming and what isn’t. As Malice said, preparation in expectancy of spammers is of utmost importance. Yes, its annoying and not ideal but do you really believe all is fair in war?
Battle-Dawn IS a WAR game and the best in this game would not grovel if they get spammed. If you can’t fight it and you lose an era there is ALWAYS a chance for revenge.
If you prepare adequately and you do fight it more respect points for you from your enemies. You’ll relish in the fact that you countered those spammers.
I’ve faced a lot of unfair situations in my BD career. People who had serious advantage, people who boosted tons of reds just to get at me, mass spammers and people like trajic who use 4 alliances just to win one era. But through it all, I remember that its a war game of tactics, diplomacy and strength. There are always counter strategies and I always focus on finding those strategies instead of complaining about how unfair it is.


Defining cheating. Multis? Hacked the game?


Define cheating? The rules can do that for me.


We both know that but in this context we are discussing a debatable issue( To Spam or Not to Spam - William Shakespeare) which is yet to be completely entrenched into our rule system.


This doesn’t make sense to me :sweat_smile:
Not a real battedawner will keep playing when the opponent is cheating is what you just said. I don’t see the correlation, Seems like an even more legit battledawner in my eyes. Enemies cheating and you’re still fighting and winning. Hell, props man.

I’m pretty sure I’ve fought cheaters and came out on top before as well honestly. Couldn’t prove they cheated, but when I face teams that can muster 10 players to launch last second defenses, but then couldn’t call on 7 of them to move off the OP that had 17 ticks of radiation, I have to question things. Still came out on top with teamwork and activity though. Sure, I complained, but when shit didn’t get done, I just cracked down and played better then them.


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