BD Game Rule Feedback


MOST teams do the same and keep an eye on strong colonies. but were talking about nearly planted colonies that pop up during war. 20 for them witth 120 inf each is a hell of alot to deal with during war. no matter how amazing you think you are it will hurt, especially if those spammers are active. Im not completely against this rule btw, i like ti but it needs limitations. or more limitations, IT can and WILL be abused and you guys will be the ones dealing with it and we will be the ones affected by it.


And I fully agree, it’s a pain. Foresight in leaving some squads behind from the frontlines WOULD solve that issue if you have an active team. That is the point I’m trying to point out really. Some forward planning will save a lot of heartache, but people are fighting me tooth and nail on that point.

As for limitations, we can work on other ways to stop this honestly. Work around to stop it at it’s core so it simply can’t happen in the first place rather than count on subjective judgement each and every time (as well as HOPE the admin is online when it happens). For me, I’d rather work towards THAT end and I think we can both agree to that :slight_smile:


Umm I don’t know if you’ve noticed this or not but 90% of the players who plant to spam now use a fake account just because of the fear of getting banned. So checking for achv doesn’t really makes sense here.

As for killing people with score more than Sargent. I too use that strategy and have markers all around for xp and I don’t have a problem with their spamming.
In my very first comment I said " I have a problem with freshly planted colonies planted for the soul purpose of spamming"
As u said it takes them 90 mins to spam out dmg infs
U can’t anticipate that kind of stuff.

And oooh leaving 2-3 squads back, sometimes u may have an opponent of greater or equal power and u might not be able to afford to leave any squad behind.

Allowing spammers to plant without putting any limitations will be another long thread is what I’m getting at.


Valid points, but I do have arguments for them.

  1. Fake accounts - Doesn’t stop us from seeing who they are. We can still see who it is and ban if needed (and we can still ban the account and roll back as well if we believe it to be a VPN multi, literally no harm done).
  2. Freshly planted can only make “some” damage units with limited amount of resources. Even in the PLO example, he didn’t. Instead focusing on 100’s of armor inf. 600 armor inf vs 70 AI tanks. 70 wins. 200 soldiers vs 600 soldiers. Seems like a fair trade off to me. If you REALLY want biggest bang for your buck though, you could also sacrifice more and do 30 armor 30 AI dmg tanks. Only lose 9 dmg tanks. If you’re an xp maximizer, you could go 24 armor 30 AI dmg tanks and end up with 5 R4 dmg tanks (which I would honestly take in a heartbeat.)
    Usually if they go the damage spam route, it’s to do multiple attacks rather than 1 big one. And very few even do this (and PLO is gone as well). I don’t know of anyone else willing to drop a couple $100 currently just to get a hardcore spam bomb out. Maybe trajic is willing to to make a point :innocent:

But yes, you are right, there are always exceptions to the rule. But trying to plan for the exception to the rules in our overarching rule set is exactly how we ended up where we were before. Grey area where admin’s vary on decisions based on extraneous circumstances. For now, I just ask, see how things go. You can try to test the limits and boundaries if you like to see if it really just is too game breaking. If we find it is, we can revisit the rule for revising.
3. That’s why there’s spies and nukes :smile: :wink: Someone always has to be on the weaker side. Both of you aren’t looking to clash your 2 armies full force into one another (or at least shouldn’t be). You’re looking for one of them to fall asleep on the frontlines or fall for a spy trap so you can take advantage. Otherwise, the team with the bigger army would always win. End of story. Having less doesn’t mean being less. Just means you gotta be better.


Usually if they go the damage spam route, it’s to do multiple attacks rather than 1 big one. And very few even do this (and PLO is gone as well). I don’t know of anyone else willing to drop a couple $100 currently just to get a hardcore spam bomb out. Maybe trajic is willing to to make a point :innocent:

damn right only against you to make open your eyes about the faults of this :smiley:


Heh, i’ll be on G3 :smiley: :wink:


I don’t mean to offend any admins here but from personal experience
Reporting spammers and requesting for attacks to get turned don’t ever work out cause our adminS are just too active :smiley:

As for PLO’s example
Build 20arm 60range tanks and you can wreck 600 arm inf
True, very true. But here’s the bitch that stops us from making them even if we shell out ridiculous amount of reds. OVERHEADS. you can’t just neglect that :stuck_out_tongue: 20 armour tank midway an era alone costs 12k
A shield can only just buy u 12ticks

Umm spies and nukes… If I lock a big chunk of army I would like to take that battle and I would be damned if I can’t just because I left 2-3 squads behind


Overhead would stop if a single player tried to create it yes. I’ve always been a huge advocate of extremely coordinated team play though, so this is where my mindset is headed directly. Get 6 of your members to make 1 of the necessary squads. Done, no one suffered huge pains in overhead. And people can send resources to those with lowest overhead to build extra as needed too :slight_smile: But as I said, depends on your team really.

And if you locked a big chunk of army and have a nuke headed there, I don’t think it even matters if 3 squads are missing :no_mouth: If those 3 squads are the difference between surviving or not, then it’s honestly not a battle your should take in the first place. And I hardly know anyone who would say it’s not worth suiciding one 30 squad army into 150 squads (or more). With a nuke, regardless, you should come out with at least 3x more kills than they ever will at the very least.


I don’t get it Malice.
We are SHOWING you the fault in the rules.
We want it changed. We were asked to vote.
But all you do is show us ways of HOW TO DEAL with the spammers.
Why are you even allowing it if there is so much fault. Like I said Spammers were and will be used.

Why give them a free hand


Hey as long as he can come up with a reasonable reasoning for it why should he change it??

I’m just trying to cover whatever scenarios can pop into my mind
If he has a reasoning to all of them then there’s no harm in trying an era or two with what the MT wants

PS- @Malicewolf when I mentioned locking an army I didn’t imply a nuke was heading there as well
But if a player has income x and has 30 squads and I have an income 3times x and have 34-35 squads
I would take it irrespective of the fact that I would have range losses (ofc it depends on how annoying the enemy is as well, activity wise)
I would however not take a 30 vs 30 battle… risking loosing my entire army


Perfectly fine! I actually very much appreciate that you are trying to provide such. I am merely also trying to point out that some of it can simply be mitigated by planning ahead more than usual. I think overall, much of the community has gotten used to not having to. I don’t think it’s a bad direction for the community to toughen up a bit in some regards (mainly preparation). At the current moment, a player can complain about nearly any inconvenience and get an admin involved in it and handled. No need for inconvenience. Seems little sad to me. Players want us to ban newly planted spammers sending a single armor spam at 6 OPs. You couldn’t handle it?

Since I am taking up a lot of space (and even the forums are telling me I should write less! :stuck_out_tongue:) I will go ahead and dip out for a while :slight_smile: Please continue to discuss. I more than anything though, want players to really think on it. What’s simply inconvenience and what’s truly unfair (and where do admin’s draw than line exactly).


@trajic1 and @sasuke96 You guys are arguing with people who are full of theories but little action. Admins are never going to straight up cut down heavy boosters’ dirty playing, BD is no longer a game, it’s a business.


You my friend talk out of your gluteus maximus, please pipe down. We have resolved with Alex and josh that there needs to be limitations this post did help quite a lot. We didn’t abuse anybody or say anything bad. Anywho now we’re just thinking of ideas of limitations to this spam placing idea :stuck_out_tongue: if you have any ideas feel free too. Else stop trying to bring negative vibes to the only forum page I am being nice on, wtf. You sour gluteus madimus.


What the heck
Trajic is always nice


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Are the new (or should I say revised) rules in effect yet? If so, do they apply on the current E1 era?
In case they are, I am willing to plant and be a sub for someone that would pay me and my teammates reds. Yes. Yes, I am serious. I am going to spam the crap out of your enemy, day and night. No rest for the wicked. Sold to the highest bidder.


Yeah, I’m with Leo and the YORO team. Sign up!


Yeah same here, but whatever Leo noob prices are, ill do it for half.

PS- @Malicewolf for the love of god stop replying to trajic. he has u by the family jewels on every post lol


Reading the ToS, to just complement what our female was saying.

2.2.4 Bullying: Use Services in a manner disturbing, harassing or defaming to Users, stalking or depriving Users of any enjoyment of using Services In a manner which Tacticsoft may determine as Bullying.s.

Then our fella said:

So, I can now go bully and disturb my enemies whenever I want, placing with my friends on their hive and spam the shit out of 'em ? That’s amazing! “My enemies are playing Faction, lets kick 'em all!” Ops, spam 'em all. Sadly I don’t see anyone who would worth my time on trolling like that
Spams are part of the game, I’m cool with that… But I’m against ppl being free to ask friends to go and make a org… y… on their hive while they are at war… What a such low move.

And now after Faction event I can expect 100 no brain ppl to plant in my hive to try to make me “lose” era and I have to accept that? lol If they say so, get my skype noobpsi I can pull a Milan and be like “Will spam, if paid enough.”

This rule has its Pros and Cons (More Cons than Pros imo). Almost noone play alone anymore and to get a friend who does not have time to play but is free on weekends, we can easily pick 3-4 of 'em (in my case if I’d use it, ye 3-4, I have no friends anymore) and put into the enemy’s hive and make 'em attack when they be at war. Simple as that.
And as our female @trajic1 had said:

I’d vote for limitations, at least for ppl who plant late in the era. After 500 ticks? Increase the time of building structures or do something else. AAAAAAAH BUT I’M A RETARD AND LIKE TO PLANT LATE. Simple, don’t be a George.

And ofc, I can be wrong. Don’t come wanting to kill me, hit @trajic1 1st, then @leobratce. Thanks.


So, completing my last post, no I won’t edit.

Couldn’t this make part of the spammers as “counter-rule” for those who wanna abuse of it? I’m just saying, there is nothing concrete in my mind yet. I’m in the favor of the competitiveness.