BD Game Rule Feedback


1 account per IP unless given very good proof just like in the brothers case?


Please don’t attack the community (or company) like that.

Finally, there’s a lot of multi worlders, a lot of people who place on many worlds and don’t really win at them. I do think it’s their game as well…

There’d be very little left to do in the game for people who don’t win :frowning:

We used to also have a few players who won multiple worlds at once…

My two cents…

Edit: Also removed the personal stuff.

Come on people, accusing others isn’t going to help, it’ll just derail this topic into yet another flamewar. No name calling please :slight_smile:


Every unfair play is an inconvenience, doesn’t mean that inconvenience can’t be cheating.

What if someone placed a team of “friends” in the middle of our hive just to spam and suicide, how is that fair?

I just think if you completely allow this, people will abuse it too much for it to be fair. You don’t know how many can find ways of multiing without being found out, this will just allow them to do whatever they want.


That’s the point of the final rule listed actually.

Without VPN’s or similar tricks, using “friends” (multi’s) is pretty much impossible. The only way left would be to use real wifi’s of people close to you (as any VPN’s, proxies etc, are these days very easy to find out about :stuck_out_tongue: ) which would obviously be rather suspicious (IP’s that all happen to match your area? We’re bound to realize what’s going on there) and I guess you could bring new players to the game just for that…

But hey, new players are new players, who knows what they end up doing. :slight_smile:


Spamming - When does someone have good cause to spam? For who are they spamming? How to prove that?
It’s not a clean tactic, but ultimately you can defend, ultimately the larger your empire is, the more difficult that becomes (thus being more advantageous to smaller, albeit more diplomatic/popular, teams. Reputation isn’t negative per se, if you constantly behave like a jerk in game, perhaps it is fair you’ll have to hide a bit. If you constantly help people and act respectful, perhaps it is fair a few more people will come to help you. Notice the perhaps :stuck_out_tongue:

its nothing to do with reputation, in war people do what they have to to win, now they have an open gateway to bring as much spammers as they would like to help them. Maybe you guys have been away from actually playing bd for a very long time BUT there are times where enemies will place doznes of spammers that will make 60 units and spam ur network. sometimes it wont be 1 inf spam, it wiill be rushed squads, a few of them everywhere can kill a netowkr and demotivate anyone. There needs to be some sort of boundaries else this will easily be abused. You can be the nicest person in the world loved by many but when someone wars you they will do what they have to to win. so reputation talk is irrelevant.


This is Barack Obama, and I approve this message.


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So in short the family with most number of players have the greatest advantage
Plant 20 of your friends at 5 ticks gap and one coordinated spam wave can decimate your network

And as @trajic1 said, spams are never as simple as 1 inf armour they can be rushed squads or rushed anti tanks damage vehicles to counter you tank anti inf dmg
No matter now well u are prepared the enemy after the first wave can build spams to just about kill our anti spams
@Malicewolf then no type of prepartion would help u
There have been eras where I’ve had anti spams to tackle inf/vehs/tanks

The opponents simply kills your anti spams in 2 waves and on a world like earth it’s not cheap to roll out spams specially when u are at war and have scarce resources


I disagree. I’ve dealt with many spammers before. Heck, i’ve dealt with them when there were 1000’s of players on the map and you just simply got mass spammed by them everyday because you had them conquered. And those were players placed and sitting with built up armies. Losing a few OPs should NOT be enough to demotivate a good team. If it is, then I will say again, you have other issues in your team. Perhaps players should start going back to the mindset that not ALL of their army should always be on the frontlines at all times.

And to my point earlier. If it’s a newly placed spammer, then it’s absolutely not possible for them to tank spam you. The structure building takes too long. They would be placed for a bit before they could come out of protection to hit you. If you don’t take notice of a new colony suddenly placing in a high priority spot in your network at a critical time, then that is your own problem. Not the admin’s (in my opinion). So giving said person 2-3 hours to set up without setting up the appropriate counter measures is still something YOU as a player failed to do.

The very point of the tactic is to force your team to have to fall back and stop making forward progress with everything you have. Most seem to think “I should be able to keep pressing forward when something like this comes up”. WHY? If I see something shady in my territory, I immediately pull an active player back off the frontlines to take care of it. If I see multiple, then I have a few members hold the front and pull back as much as I need. NO MATTER HOW MANY SPAMMERS PLACE, they should not be able to come even CLOSE to your army #'s. They WILL NOT have ranged units. They will very unlikely have damage. They WILL NOT have Tank units. They will very unlikely have vehicles. IF they have these things. It means they’ve been here for a bit.

It takes 12 hours for them to make range tank units in their structures. It takes an hour to make damage vehicles (after the wait time for their other structures to be made).

SO, to summarize on your worries.
Immediately placed spammers who can ONLY make armor inf can do the following:
Minimum time to be able to send out an attack: 1 hour 25 minutes
Minimum resources needed: 3450 metal 1300 oil
Structures needed: level 3 farm, metal, oil, barracks

Spamming with damage vehicles:
Minimum time to be able to send out an attack: 1 hour 25 minutes
Minimum resources needed: 7450 metal 3550 oil
Structures needed: level 3 farm, metal, oil, level 3 weapons, level 3 units

Spamming with ranged tanks:
Minimum time to be able to send out an attack: 13 hours 25 minutes
Minimum resources needed: 12950 metal 6550 oil
Structures needed: level 3 farm, metal, oil, level 4 weapons, level 4 units

This is of course NOT including the necessary resources to actually create any units. This is the MINIMUM necessary to send out attacks at this magnitude.

You NEVER have to worry about ranged spamming from new colonies. Ever. If you complain about that, it was 100% negligence on your part. Always.

Damage spammers. You got someone who truly hates you. They’ve had to boost in order to gather up enough resources in time to hit you immediately. They are using up their tokens to hit you for a spam attack. There are very few who find a spam worth doing this (and if they have, it usually means they’re actually here to play and fight you for the long run, not just a quick spam, which is 100% legit for them to do). AND depending on the era’s small boost, they at best only have about 3000 metal left to build units. IF they boosted the large boost as well, then yes. They have plenty of resources left to hit you… but if you have people willing to spend money (not even just blue tokens, they HAVE to buy reds) just to spam you… And even still, at BEST, they could pop out 5 full squads of damage vehicles. If you can’t afford to pull back a few squads to take care of this… you are prioritizing incorrectly. The battlefield is not linear and only in 1 direction. The more territory you have, the more you have to protect. It’s ALWAYS been this way. You take territory at YOUR risk of having to protect it. Why do you think Alexander the Great failed?! He had too much territory to protect and he COULDN’T do it. He had to consolidate to try recovering (and was too late in doing so for spending too much time trying to hold it all). Those places he conquered rose up against him. Same thing here. Don’t over expand past what you can handle at the time. MANY have forgotten this rule in war strategy in this game because it stopped being an issue when the admin’s stepped in for every inconvenience.

Armor spammers. Ok, so they can build about 30 if they don’t boost. If they small boost, they can probably make about 120 if circumstances are good. If they heavy boost, then maybe 200-250 armor inf. To me, I’d be FLYING back in a heart beat to gather up that sweet sweet xp personally. If someone is stupid enough to make me that much armor to farm, I’d seriously love them for spending money on the game to feed me. So I lose a few OPs? If done right, they just gave me enough xp for 5 R4 tanks.

These are just my own beliefs however. The only thing I ask is that you do not confuse inconvenience with unfair. Multi’s can be caught. If someone truly has that many friends to call upon to spend their tokens and money on spamming someone, then I’d say they’re doing something right. Perhaps people will begin to worry about their reputation again instead of trying to wreck the world every era while flaunting their ego. It used to be that you were walking on eggshells on the forums. If you did said something stupid or called out the wrong people, you could bet there’d immediately be a few teams and players there to hit you next era you played.


Well you ask for our opinion on rules.
We voice our opinions. You tell us "deal with it. You got problems"
I hope there’s a vote on this .
At first I thought Its just me but now I see most dont want spammers.
Changed my vote to third option all do same please if you feel same


Alright well I read what you wrote (jesus christ it’s long)

Ok I’ve dealt with this too on many separate occasions. I don’t think people who are just conquered who are spamming should be banned or anything. This just is part of the game. HOWEVER I’ve had people conquered by their enemies who attack my teams outposts, and I’ve reported it because that is unfair and should be ban-able.

Just saying “Deal with it” isn’t a good mentality to have. I agree that if you don’t have anti spams or something in your crucial network you’re an idiot, but still come on. Newer to medium players with not a lot of friends vs someone who has lots of friends that has won lots before. Funny also because I could call out a lot of people who support this that like to plant people.

Then you go on to explain what types of spams there are? xD

And then this pisses me off, having lots of friends shouldn’t make a good player.[quote=“Malicewolf, post:39, topic:3272”]
wreck the world every era while flaunting their ego.

and this is like my favorite part of the game :frowning:

Meh well this is just what I think, threw this together quickly while reading. Hope everyone’s having a good day :sunny:


I seriously am tempted to make a poll.
But would rather have someone in charge make it. Let’s see what everyone thinks.
Also malice people can have someone plant and wait what? 2 or 3 days. And they have tanks now.
Plus inf spams are bad enough of used correctly 5 to 10 inf a squad with 3 or 4 dmg is enough to kill antispams.
Why promote something wrong.



This is bannable. Reread the rules on this part

My statement was WITH that rule still in mind. They cannot do this. There is a difference though between diplomacy and conquer farming. I HAVE used liberating a colony as leverage for help in the past. “I’ll free you and leave you be rest of era if you help me”. There is nothing wrong with that. It’s smart to negotiate such deals. It’s also risky as the player may realize, NOW is the best time to rebel and fight you as well.

So if you’re newer, you should get it easier? You shouldn’t have to LEARN that you need to prepare? You don’t need to fight fire with fire to stop this tactic. You simply need to prepare. Sending EVERYTHING you have to the frontlines is NOT preparing. It’s a smart offensive tactic, but I can’t tell you how many times I see a team with 250 squads going after the team with 100 squads at most. Yet, they refuse to send back 10 squads to deal with a spammer and complain to the admin that the enemy is being unfair (This is the majority of the times that mass spammers appear. When the other side is IMMENSELY stronger than the other to begin with).

The fact that so many of you find this rule as the UPMOST IMPORTANCE tells me that you all haven’t learned to deal with it. You think it’s inconvenient, therefore, shouldn’t be allowed. 100’s of alliances have already dealt with and overcome spammers of the magnitude you all are referring to. This game has been here since 2007. It wasn’t until about 2014-2015 that people began to complain about spammers and admins began taking action. Yes, some alliances fell to such tactics. Do you know what we said about those alliances? They didn’t deserve the win. That was the communities mindset at the time. The mindset is no doubt different now, but I honestly believe it is purely because admin’s gave into the demands of the players in the first place and that’s what caused it. MULTI spammers have ALWAYS been against the rules and we ALWAYS intervened in that circumstance. Using players as conquers and spammers, we have for a long time intervened in (and still are in these rulesets).

And as for how to stop these “spammers” that know how to do better spam tactics by biding their time and taking advantage of your inattentiveness during war. Have 4 members keep 3 squads (1 of each anti chassis) from the frontlines PURELY for stopping late planting spammers. You’ll have 12 squads at your disposal. This will stop ANY spammer. Including heavy boosters who just planted. You get all 10 of your members to do this? Suddenly you got 30 full squads to stop full squad spammers.
If you can’t afford each member sparring 3 squads from the frontlines, then you got other issues. I have NEVER seen people call upon mass amounts of spammers to go after a small team that should easily be killed by the team warring to begin with.

And it doesn’t. For the most part, it’s really that people don’t feel like putting in the effort to deal with spammers. Most don’t have the “energy” to kill sub empires. But assure that they could. But of course, their tactic for taking on a sub empire was to take the 50 squad sub vs their 70 squads in battle and come out victorious on the battle, but then wonder why they can’t take on the main alliance.
The 3-7 “pro build” that everyone uses is ONLY meant to be used for PERFECT battles where ranged units are NEVER lost. It was never meant to take on battles that were even close to even. It was called the “pro build” because the people who invented it would NOT take a battle unless it was a FOR SURE win with ZERO ranged loses on their part (and 1 round ALWAYS). Now, how many of these players do you see? And they wonder why they have trouble beating sub empires like people used to do in the past. It’s a mindset. And it’s one that most players have lost. They expect 1 good battle to decide everything in the era for them. Zero foresight that maybe taking a nearly suicidal battle to win the war at this moment could lead to their downfall immediately afterwards. How many times have you met someone who said, “i’ll suicide my army to deal with that annoying player. It’s worth it.” It’s never worth it. It’s simply the lazy way because it’s quicker.

Also, side note. I just tested. I planted on a world and I can now officially send out a spam bomb. Of 6 armor inf. With the resources you get from planting, that’s the absolute best you can do immediately. 6 armor inf. THE HORROR!!!

The things you worry about are players boosting to spam you. And I can assure, those players will boost and CONTINUE to hit you. VERY few players spend tokens to send a few extra armor spams out against you. They’re going to build and their going to continue to mess with you, and they are by all means 100% allowed to fight you at your inconvenience.


i read the first paragraph, based on what you said there. Seems you just hate being wrong, i would like to see you play under this new rule and we can sort out a mass spam on you to refresh your memory on how it would feel. BD has changed, you may have come across many spammers we all have and we are al happy with spammers planting and attacking people being against the rules. For example one mars 2 era vs PLO. He forced us our member to relocate then followed him on a 3 man era(built pure anti us) planted 5-7 players which built 120+ infs armour around our leader who cant relocate and all went to mass attack him, thankfully admins resolved it but according to new rules that would be fine. Me planting 5-7 members feeding hem reds to rush 4 sqauds each and attack enemy. Sounds very dumb tbh. Like i said before. People WILL DO ANYTHING to WIN, this spamming thing would be abused. P.S. especialy now that most eras are 3-6 memebrs per alliance. SPAMMERS will hurt ALOT more. Id love to see you play now against the rules youre implying on a solo or small alliance team


Thanks for this mate.
Well let’s say I see someone in my area 0 units. I conquer him/her.
After a day no units recruited
To be honest Usually you dont even check the stats of a random you conquer again later to see if they built units. But if you do still none. The player is building structures. Suddenly you decide to nap for an hour. And boom that guy launched a spam bomb after getting all structures and max resources plus bonus getting like 20k. Rush decent heavy slams and spam shit. And if the dude can do better burn shields. And even try to fight . Untill they die and get nuked.
Wasted time and resource could be spent else where.
No matter how you justify that it’s unfair
Saying others have dealt with something unfair is no reason we should deal with It.
Let’s not promote spamming . Keep it bannable. If it still happens yes we WILL deal with it. And hope the person involved will be banned. I heard people say "Spammers should be ip banned"
And here I hear spamming is allowed.


You could. Sure. I remember how it felt. It put pressure on me and my team. Intense pressure. But i forced my team to stay active and I pulled players back as needed to take care of spammers. I WOULD lose a chunk of my network. But I ALWAYS made sure my network was never so fragile a single or even a half dozen of spammers could destroy it. Harm it, yes. Completely cut me off. No.

And the example with PLO… I don’t see why you don’t just relocate? Seems easy enough to me to solve that issue. Can’t afford to relo without boosting? Shame, but that’s life. The option is there if you want. You’re choice when you’re in a bind. Also, could put up a shield and pull a few squads back. If they sent 600 armor inf at you, you only need 20 armor tanks and 60 AI tanks to kill it and BARELY lose some ranged units. 23 armor tanks to be exact for no ranged lost. I really don’t see how your point is pointing to this being an impossible task to handle. You kill an army with less than 1/6th the unit count. It’s inconvenient, but it’s not that difficult. AND it’s practically free xp. For me, PLEASE get PLO to do this for me. If i had people doing this against me on E1, I could of kept up with Milan on xp honestly. And another solution, which I’m sure you’ll hate. Spend reds. I send enough for a single heavy red boost to 4 members and they can each create 1 full new tank squad to meet whatever requirements I need. So essentially, I spend $18 and I can fund enough of my team to thwart PLO’s 5-7 players he funded because my members can build quality units. Now, YOU may not be willing to spend money. And if not, then ok. You’ll have to go to a more roundabout method to kill those units. Shield to stall for time then relocate out. Oh, and btw. Use a good spy… you can kill those 600 inf with 15 AI tanks and 5 Armor tanks. And now you got 14 R4 AI tanks.

I just don’t see where this is such a hard thing to take care of… I can see how it uses up resources. But that’s the point. For me, I look for the trade off on what I can take advantage of. 600 armor inf. My god, could you make my life easier for gathering xp?! Hell yea, I’d boost a bit to gain a quick and easy 14 R4. 1 battle. 14 Immensely strong units for the trade off of 6 units.

I can only assume the battle is far off from the frontlines. Cause if not, then this is even easier to deal with… (you only need 4 infiltration spy to completely cripple those infantry).

And burner. That is 100% legit even before this ruleset. That is simply a smart player taking his time to hit his enemy when it’s best timing for him. “Spammers” in general were NEVER an issue. Part of the game. We’re arguing people plant spamming purely for inconvenience.


Well if not this way let’s exploit spamming till someone gets sick of it and demand for revision in the rules

As @trajic1 rightly said If I am a player with tons of reds I can just send reds for small/large metal and oil to rush units and spam the shit out of enemy :smiley:

And @Malicewolf if u have a war going on in NA and they make a spammer plant in East Russia
Do u really expect us to jump 2-3 squads all the way back when we are low of resources to defend against something which logically shoulDnt even be allowed.


For example one mars 2 era vs PLO. He forced us our member to relocate then followed him

you have to have 72 ticks control ticks to relocate :slight_smile: Mars map is small as i said he forced him to relocate and followed him. you want us to read ur long texts but u dont read my little chunk properly? dafuq

oh yeah plus he boosted 30 sqauds INF ANTI INF damage. AND HIS FRIENDS made over 600 armours. vs our 3 memebrs that did have r5 and r4s but we were fighitng multiple teams so we were anti everything. either way that suicide would have HURT ALOT! before you say why did u let him build blah blah. he relocated got fed res and literally boosted those sqauds in 2 days after dying ( he reloctaed to our other enemies hive in a corner. Its okay to admit youre wrong sometimes Joshua.


My exact point. That’s a lack of foresight imo. Why don’t you have ANYTHING in the other 90% of your territory? Players send 95% of their army to the frontlines, even when they outnumber their enemy 5 to 1. Why? Have a few members keep a few full squads back incase one of those more powerful spammers pop up during war. How can you NOT prepare for a spammer to show is my question? I ALWAYs assume that a random I conquered is probably an old vet looking to make my life hell. Keep a few squads behind to take care of that. Let anti spams deal with cruddy new planted spammers who can only send armor inf. Before I go to war, anyone with more than sergeant major power ranking has a marker on them asking someone to kill or for us to watch. Feel free to ask any players who have played under me. They will all say, we have markers on random strong players in our territory to kill and farm at earliest convenience (unless we know them specifically and know if we leave alone, they will leave us alone. And sometimes we still kill).

As for logically shouldn’t be allowed? I don’t see your point. It could be a legit player planting to attack you as well. There is nothing wrong with a single individual doing so just because they want to war you. We’ve never stopped those players who intend to continue the era.

And no need to jump 2-3 squads back if you already had 2-3 squads back. Foresight and planning would of saved you extra resources is essentially what I’m saying. Not doing means you have to avoid jams and do a lot of resource spending.

Please do note, I am FULLY in favor of banning multi account spammers or VPN spammers.

Sorry, i did miss that. And no, I KNOW you guys will misread some of my statements :joy: Is why they all end up so long by accident. I try to cover any argument and in the process, make it so long you miss what I say. The shield would of prob have been your best bet still though. And here’s the very simple issue that comes up with your example that we were trying to point out. We yell at PLO that it isn’t allowed. He tells us it’s his sub and they are planning to play the era the rest of the round. Gets those players to make an alliance and join it while attacking. Now it’s “legit”.