BD earth era the wraps

what if the world wrapped around

like you can attack eastern asia from alaska


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u can do that on Battledawn eartharena as they have a globe instead of map , not possible here


ah, just an idea…

Used to be a thing. stars on sides of map and all

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I wouldn’t mind adding in something to connect the opposite sides of the map again :slight_smile: Just don’t make it as game breaking as the old star system :stuck_out_tongue: Hiding entire armies in the star :joy:


Make a poll so people can show support. :slight_smile:

It’d be complicated to add some kind of connection, but not impossible.

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how do i do a poll?..

  • The earth is flat and should be flat
  • The earth is round and should be round

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A globe is unnecessary. It is possible for someone to go from Eastern Asia to Alaska on a standard Map, as it is currently on Earth

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