BD EA Draft event era


Day 3

Rank Alliance Colour

  2.  (Bro)BroForce                  BLUE
  3.   (D) Destiny                      Green
  4.   (TC) The Clouds             White
  5.   (OvR)OverRaTeD           Yellow
  6.   (AoS) Asylum of Sinners  Dark Blue
  7.   (DAB) Dab on Haters       Dark Green

As i said i will update the Map of Earth arena for current era :slight_smile:

Its actually a globe but for the better understanding of BD players i have presented it like a map. Hence u can understand why some alliances have colour on extreme other side of the map.

Also Couldnt find a better app to present it so cannot show the places with network as coloured.

Almost 6 alliance capable of going for the win this might be a fun era.


Day 13

Rank Alliance Colour

  1.    Bro       Red
  2.   GOON   Blue
  3.    TC        Green
  4.     D         White
  5.   AoS       Yellow
  6.  DAB     Dark Blue
  7.  MUCK    Dark Green

Current Wars :

So after Goon and D declared war on each other OvR (Previous rank5) merged into D which lead on to a good active battle for almost a week and D had almost take North and south america Back from GOON until TC and Bro jumped into the war with BRO attacking GOON and TC attacking D which again lead to D losing almost all of SA. Currently good battle between TC and D going on in SA.

BRO has attacked GOON while GOON had lost almost all of SA inflicting more pain to the already going on losses.


is there a difference between the two slightly different colors in NA/GL? or are they the same alliance


Greeny lost an era :octopus: