Bd chads are gone lets take over



How BD folks see you all right now :wink:


Whats with the white stripe


thank you very relevant
makes you look smart


Not much smarter than the guy who made this thread :slight_smile:


he’s not the one taking a jokes seriously tho


“oh my god he made a spam topic on bd side let’s trashtalk”


Who trash talked?? …


My comments are jokes as well because I haven’t touched sm with a 40 foot pole since November, but I have played some Bd. If y’all could not get triggered like that one BD guy in the memes thread it would be great


I’m about two months without playing SM, but whos giving a shit to that? it’s just about hating people for no reason, it’s how your internet score is measured


This topic is great for numerous reasons


its da loving g


Would you please list a few.


o no.
send in the army.
the big brained battledawners are comming back.


it was you and your friends seem like you are 11, not that you are. But maybe your reading level is at age 11 as well :blush:


who got triggered? i skimmed through couldnt find anyone



I’m not 11, I’m a 15-year old 9year old.


“u and ur friends seem like 11 and u cant read”