BattleDawn - who is the best - discussion

Can WE (I am also a battledawn player - at least I tried 1 time, not that Elcent delete again my OPINION !!!) just short all this up …

WHO has the most medals ???


At SuperMechs (yes Elcent, I am ALLOWED to talk about SuperMechs also in a battledawn thread :stuck_out_tongue: ) I have the most Single Gold Medals and also most Medals I believe, for sure I was first player with +100 medals, just that you know who I am !


So, please give me answers, I want to know the Top girls and boys at BattleDawn !???

2 of my favorites are @Fluffeh and @Kaen, doesnt matter how much medals they have :wink:


Most medals isn’t exactly indicative of skill, as it just means you play/win more eras than maybe a better player that only plays once or twice a year (although the top two are still stellar players), but as for top three I think it’d go;

  1. Rania
  2. trajic (no idea how much he actually has I just know its a lot)
  3. idk. Theres a few with +30 but I wouldn’t know who is a clear third.

yes, but lets see an example …

… coming from a real sport (being Top 5 of the world) I often hear “but there is a better player” said to a World Champion (!).

So, YES MAYBE somewhere in Afrika or on Tristan da Cunha there is a better player, BUT if she/he do not take part of the World Championships, she/he will NEVER be a World Champion !

You understand ?

A 1 time World Champion can really be stronger then a 17 time World Champion, BUT that doesnt change that the other won 17 (!!!) times the World Championships !

So under the line, its better to be 17 times World Champion, then 1 time, even the one with 1 win would be a little bit “better”.

It’s not the fault from the 17 times World Champion that the other didn’d TRIED 16 times more !


It’s as zealot stated. In this game, many have learned that you can go for quantity rather than quality. They play better than average, but by no means play the best. So they place on 10 worlds, lose on 6 and come out on top on 4 after 1 or 2 wars and then sitting and building. A good portion of the best players do not play multiple worlds at once because they play all out on 1 at a time. Which for us means, pretty much no sleep for a month. But the difference in how they play during that 1 world is like night and day compared to the guy who placed on 10. And most likely, one of the 6 loses the player received out of 10 would be against one of these types of players. So for us, medals don’t correlate directly to skill. Rania no doubt holds the most though. But it’s kinda like saying someone runs in every event that Usain Bolt doesn’t run in and wins 1st every time and they run in 4x more events. The quantity is impressive… but everyone knows you ain’t the fastest runner.


Exactly what I try to explain … if the “someone” win the World Championship (in our games its the tournaments) and Usian dont take part in it …

  • “Someone” is World Champion
  • Usian not, because he didn’t take part

Doesn’t matter who WOULD be faster !


And not every time someone wins takes medal, give it to friend or maybe no enough score for top 10… and same way noobs who only build and sit all era and finish in rank 2 or 3 alliance in the end take medal, so here having medals means nothing :stuck_out_tongue:

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Even the BoaT medals are fairly meaningless since every era is ‘different’ and some admins like to shower the world with “event” xtals (cough Joe cough) xD

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I never got any medals in supermechs, but i had few achivements in Taekwondo, kumite n volleyball it helped me to get scholarship in a good university.


George is one of the players with most medals, so that kinda shows that it doesnt take any skill to get medals in Battle Dawn.

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Aww. Im one of your favorite with Fluffeh. Thank you. I’m not that good but Fluffeh is awesome. I’ve always wanted to play with him but never could for certain reasons.

If you look on the “dream team” or “best bd players” threads, you can somewhat get an idea. There are very few crossovers to SM since i think most BD players dont play SM. (@Fluffeh @Elcent @Misfit @MikotoSouh @Merciful) the only ones i know of.

More so saying, the medals in BD and SM work very very differently. SM has 1 place to earn medals. BD has about a dozen. And they aren’t equal every era. You simply can’t play them all. Comparing Apple’s to oranges

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I am the best :sunglasses: No one can argue against that

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of those who play bd and sm, Fluffeh is undoubtedly the combined best.

in bd alone he’s probably outclassed by a few such as Alex and Josh but they’re both hopelessly bad at sm (alex actually used that god awful myth energy res drainer like a class A noobie) but to be fair, neither really put a whole lot of time or effort into sm and only ever played there becayse they were moderaters/admins of it at that time.

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