Battledawn Vs Battlegalaxy (Possible Changes to Battlegalaxy)


Hi everyone,

This thread is to discuss the differences between Battle dawn and Battle galaxy and whether people would prefer battle galaxy having its rules changed to match battle dawn.

  • Change Battle Galaxy damage units to have the same amount of damage as they have in Battledawn (7 damage per unit per round)
  • Keep Battle Galaxy damage units as they are (6 damage per unit per round)

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  • Allow spys to place cheap SP for 20E
  • Stick with having to add it for 50E

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  • Make Razing an outpost require 24CT
  • Keep the current 12CT needed

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Please post in the thread if I’ve missed anything else.


Well, if they make everything the same, why do we need battle galaxy? they could just add one more server to BD called Space xD


Joining the two together may cause some players to leave. However having slight rule changes between the two means that people who play both will make mistakes when swapping from on to the other.

I can add a poll on to see if people would like it to be combined?


I believe combining them was discussed extensively before and was ultimately decided against for a few reasons iirc.