Battledawn v/s Supermechs!

No you can’t, when Battle Dawn first released no one used youtube, even for most of OC when BD was in it’s prime youtube was much smaller and there weren’t many gaming channels at all to advertise a game like BD.

Either way, doesn’t matter to me which game is more popular, there’s a lot of popular things that suck.

BD is superior in every way, I’ll never find another persistent browser based strategy game as immersive as BD has been for me. If I still had time I’d probably still play but duty calls so gg.

You can’t really compare 2 different genres and the games were eras apart, can’t really compare since the net has evolved so much in the decade BD has been out.


Dwight, arent you like 12? How did you even start playing Supermechs when it asks you if you’re 13+? Did you lie?

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Oh see this is something that I should know and you are actually talking to me rather then other people like @Kaen

See this has nothing to do with anything…

how am i not talking to you? i’ve said more words than Jaek did. and I’m still waiting for that apology from you. and even if Jaek didn’t say anything about the OC or nobody using Youtube when BD just started up, your words would still be wrong. you cant measure everything by youtube.

Apologizing for what? didn’t you just call me a 12 year old?
Go fix your computer and leave me alone ok kk?

racism isn’t allowed on the forum. get your Trump-supporting white supremacist bigotted ass outta here.

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I said ok kk…
The word ok and the word kk

I’m just going to ignore you because you are bothering me

You were so nice to me when you thought im a girl. that’s hilarious

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I think this is “hilarious…” ↓[quote=“Kaen, post:17, topic:7893, full:true”]
a lot of people watch pornhub. i just searched up “Super Mechs” and was unable to find a single relevant video about it. hmm. Super Mechs must be irrelevant and nobody plays it.



Are those connected in any way?

when i first met @Dwightx i thought he was like 20 all i know is he is older than me and i am 13 also i have been playing since version 1

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SM vs BD

Haha! BD is not a simple game as you think! Maybe you can make a quick video on Supermechs! But BD is not a quick and easy game.
I spent days and nights and log in every tick (Depends on which ticker you are playing) 1 whole round or (Era) In some round it even takes more than 4-3 months to finish the (Era) BD is for pro players! :smiling_imp:

SM for noobs :joy:

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This is the most off topic, insult filled pointless thread of all threads ever.
Honestly the topic didn’t even start as hostile

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supermechs rocket king will lead supermechs

D: oh no what will we do

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