Battledawn v/s Supermechs!

I really like to know who is famous Battldawn or Supermechs?

Because in forums I saw many Supermechs topic than BD.
I was thinking that from Tactisoft, BD is their most famous game but seems that I am wrong!

What do you think?

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Battledawn was the game that got Tacticsoft started essentially. Its very old now though. Came out in 2006. Supermechs is no doubt the more popular game now-a-days. In Battledawn’s prime however, we had worlds with over 2000 players (and multiple of them. But SM has had millions of players. So I would still say SM is the more famous game. However, both are also extremely different styles of play.


Battle Dawn is a strategy game that requires a head on your shoulders with a brain inside and a lot of time to win, while Super Mechs requires a fat wallet or the ability to hack.

Supermech started as a mini game for BD as far as i remember.But now it is much bigger then BD

@Annonymu5 it was first know as battle mechs.

Yea,I think the websites still exists today


I agree with you but BD is awesome on his way but lack of updates, crashes. We suffer a lot!

But now this is changing but sadly its too late now! So many players left already!

And only pro’s left to BD (I don’t think I need to tell who are those pro’s :yum:)

Both SM and BD requires that :grin: I think u forgetting our fat wallet legend’s

PLO and Our papa ICEMAN

I have seen that how boosting changed the world :wink:

Yeah, I started playing BD around 2010 or 11 that time Battlemechs were in BD mini-games.

No wonder why they make whole game on BM it has become quite famous in mini-games

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Supermech videos is still being uploaded on YouTube.
I Search Battledawn on YouTube old videos pop up from years ago…

Battledawn had a great time but its kinda dead atm ,its decline started after 2013-2014 when we used to have 1500-2000 people on most of servers, now barely 100 real people plant on the server and 70-80 remain when the server ends.

while on other hand Supermechs has gone from being a mini game then later a casual game with small community and now it has 1million downloads and a huge community ingame and forums aswell which BD wont be able to catchup to in next 2-3 years.

So this imagine is like what Battledawn would say to Supermechs now :smiley:


You cant measure everything by youtube. I get, thats what you want to do, being a youtuber, but there are some things not exactly youtube material no matter what. It could have millions of players and there would be no good reason to make videos about it and no real content you could put into a video. I watched most of the bd youtube videos snd tbh it didnt make any sense to upload those.

Lol if we say something about that maybe this thread will close :sob:

“thats what you want to do,” what do you mean by that?
YOU CAN MEASURE everything by YouTube I don’t where you are from, but billions of people watch YouTube so you are wrong.

yeah it still exists and is playable

(though not so gud i go there to get away from bugs)

first of all, i would greatly appreciate it if you didn’t raise your voice in my presence.

second, i expect an apology. text form on forum, text form in pm, or video form on youtube.


you are incorrect because there are games which it’s not exactly possible to make into video form. the way Battle Dawn works is you get on, make your moves, and wait until next tick (can be up to an hour) to make your next move. if you have viewers that will sit and watch you wait for an hour until the next tick, you’re a very lucky youtuber. you can ask any battle dawn player for affirmation of what i stated.


a lot of people watch pornhub. i just searched up “Super Mechs” and was unable to find a single relevant video about it. hmm. Super Mechs must be irrelevant and nobody plays it.

I don’t see how I am yelling it’s text. I did not mention "hub."
idk if you are trying to be funny now

correct. you did not mention pornhub. but you did say that i am wrong just because a lot of people watch youtube, so you can measure everything by youtube. a lot of people watch pornhub, so it must be possible to measure everything by that as well.

and in no way am i trying to be funny. i am just irritated that you think everything can be measured by a website

That’s pretty funny…

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