Battledawn Records


Anybody want to help finish figuring out the BD records? :stuck_out_tongue:


Sure, what do you need. More screenies from me? :wink:


Figure out whatever is missing :stuck_out_tongue: Hopefully records from other people Meelan. :stuck_out_tongue:


question , whats the highest xp recorded on a single unit so far?


Milan could probably look through his old photos. Probably one from championship era 1 or 2.


im curious

i’ve reach 3k xp on a cav unit once
wonder whats the highest recorded :slight_smile:


I doubt I hold that record, I always tried to not have them go higher than exp needed for rank 12. Highest exp I suppose goes to someone that happened to be the sole survivor of a terrible battle.


yup LOL!!

that moment when ur sim goes so wrong :joy::joy::joy:


Why isn’t there a record for most serious eras played and lost? I nominate Anish for that one.

I also nominate myself for most noobish BD player with medals.


I mean Rania has 50+ ribbons so she kinda wins.


Ever heard of Supersam57?


I saw him once on F3 era 2 years ago, Stark was leading SGC as “Commodore” and you guys stabbed my team when I had a flight the next day lmfao. But yeah Supersam is more noobish than me is what ur saying?


understating it like a mofo :slight_smile:

altho I’m not one to talk, I’ve only seen his failed roast battle @FPS


Ah rip, who were you with? And yes :stuck_out_tongue:


I really can’t remember our original name but I left because I had to travel and when I checked before era ended the team was called aL, it appears Tangerine who was the leader made peace with you guys later on :stuck_out_tongue:


aL was our sub, you were probably in the team on the mid island… I remember you were in that team that won the previous f3. Was that one your first win? I think it was the first I saw you around


Yep that was my first hahaha and yes my team was the one on the middle island.


Since you guys wanted to see alot of units on exp lol Seems it wont go past that rank?Or is the game bugged?


Hah yeah, pretty sure that’s the highest I’ve ever seen. There’s no rank past rank 12 indeed, otherwise you’d have had a lot of ranks :laughing:


Oh snap, yup, that’s high! haha. Highest I ever got one was like, 5000. And I thought that was overkill xD