Battledawn : New reward system


So this new reward system of 7000 tokens for rank1 and 600-500 for rank2 and 3 -

Is it gonna be implemented on all servers ??
has it moved from M2 to E3 and then later to some other server??


Erm isn’t that too op? I’m rank 1 and i will get 7k tokens? That means i can open 30+ gold boxes


Immortalhunter, this is about Battle Dawn. No gold boxes there


Oh oops i’m sorry :sweat:


Im new in the forums ._.


It is great,But will make rank 1 too op
Just put 3k and finish rank 2 and 3 blues


Yeah that would be cool too , 7K reward is kinda a lot :smiley:


Yep We dont want another Farmworld like Galaxy


I dig the new system, but maybe 7k is a little too steep.

5k for first
Nothing for the rest?


Still too much
We’re slowly making a gap between the winners of consecutive era’s that will be difficult to finish
If youre gonna finish rewards for top 3 teams except 1st
Drop winning tokens to 1k and 500 for relics.
This way due to shortage of tokens everyone will try to win.


That could work, yeah. I think 1k is a little low. You can blow through 1k blues by tick 49, and while thats not really the point, I think it should be at least 2k for first and 500 for relics.


Thats the point we want people to try winning more eras if they want to keep boosting,


If the community is cancerous it will find ways to abuse whatever system tacticsoft tries to implement… And we all know the bd community IS cancerous indeed