Battledawn is almost gone


I am a very old player here but as a teen I might speak what I saw in every eras. First, players are decreasing every era that I played. Second when it almost 12-20 days I saw some players are not playing BD anymore and sometimes the players are like 100 below.

Third the online players is decreasing I estimated it the last time I saw it was 70+ something and its seems its too low. This is my currently screenshot in BD Global Players chat box! So sad

I hope more updates too come and return the old BD. When there is more players and extreme events that like now even that they are some events they are not playin it. This is only my opinion I hope Battledawn wont fall this year


Battledawn is not almost gone.

Certain times of the day there are less players but at the moment it easily gets up to 200+ players in the peak of the day and this is the count of players that are logged at that time. Those that log once a day are only counted for that short time they log on (it resets with the ticks.)

The numbers have steadily increased over the last year even with the massive blackout that lost a tremendous amount back in September. The numbers back in 2016 were as low as 40 at some points in the day and we steadily increased from there due to the updates Alex has introduced.

And the updates haven’t stopped. They are still being worked on.

However the forum is a little quiet, I would advise muting the SM section and you’ll see a few active BD topics.


The number of players on each world has tremendously increased thanks to AI bots! Waiting for more of them in future!


how do you mute SM? :slight_smile:


Go to settings > preferences and go to categories option

There you can set the topics you want to mute


wow. thanks… just did it… i feel awesome…



Yeah, same players keep coming and go… all time. They game is great we can’t deny it.

Updates… But can I expect the server working better?
Jeez, this shit get so bad after Maintenance Tick for the next 4 hours keep going down all time, we lose about 6-7 ticks (on 3 tickers world) It’s so annoying…

When I tried to ask why and about a fix… Our dead dev replied… “Nothing I can do”. :+1:

PS: Yes, I’m mad… At 4:43 am and the shit server keep saving the inactives.


“Nothing I can do” is true. Alex doesn’t have the authority to make the required changes. @michael could


I think all tacticsoft games heavy loss of players


I wish Alex was an SM dev, atleast he hears our opinions and does what is possible!!

Considering the fact that Alex is the only Dev running BD right now, he’s doing a good job


I have nothing to say against @Alexander, he’ve been done an amazing job for BD, but yet he has the power to go to Michael and ask to get a better server. He is the dev, he knows what the game is passing tho.


It’s not a server issue. The servers, BD runs on are top notch. It’s more of an issue of having to share many things with SM. Splitting SM and BD completely would help solve so many problems(not all, remember BD’s architecture is very dated).


the amount of players it shows in the “players online” chat window thing has nothing at all to do with AI bots. And the actual player count has increased.

due to different reasons though. SM player count has decreased due to the devs having no idea how an online game works and being incompetent. BD just fluctuates based on time of the year and generations. people are taking breaks periodically. unlike SM where the players that play, play constantly (only suicidal BD players play nonstop). BD has great leadership. A dev that cares about his players (and players of SM)

I think what would fix BD is a complete rebuild of the game. As i understand, the current coding is weird as hell and not as easy to understand because of how many various people have editted it. And yeah, separating from SM (SM is trash anyways)


Well said :slight_smile:


Also it really does varry, I think eras lately have been really good, and it always fluxuates between months cuz of different peoples work/school

Here is the count atm btw, even during the day it varrys

Btw, AI are all on one account, so there is NO way it affects players online :stuck_out_tongue:


I was talking about the world being full resently, like I checked G1 last week and it was FULL!! I never saw more than 200 players on a galaxy era before ,lol


Glad I went to Rehab.


HAH! nice joke



Well yes, the AI colonies help fill in the gaps for the missing real players.


Ah if that wasn’t necessary like when BD was at its best moment, good times :slight_smile: