Battledawn : Earth Arena

For anyone who Doesnt know about EA , its a mobile version of Battledawn. Now coming to the important part :

I played 2 eras on Earth Arena , it was fun but it seemed all about Diplomecy and Activity and almost no strategy and i didnt like it as much i like Battledawn , but today i just visited BD:EA forums and saw this
Hello Commanders!

It has been a while since the last update to Earth Arena and I’d like to share the reason with you.
After our last update in November (releasing the game on the iOS App Store and critical bug fixes) we went on to evaluate Battle Dawn: Earth Arena’s development progress.
The conclusion was that in order to bring Earth Arena to its full potential (Nukes, spies, more types of units, better graphics, territory coloring, medals, leagues and many other cool features) we’ll need to increase our team size and budget.

Looking at the current resources we have in our studio, we decided to temporarily work hard on increasing our existing revenues from our second game - Super Mechs, which will be used to hire the necessary talents and give us the necessary time required to bring Earth Arena to its destination. We already managed to double our revenues there and I don’t expect this divergence to last much longer.

I’m using this time of lack of updates to sit with you guys to game design the next set of features to be released in the game. You are more than welcome to email me your suggestions and feedback: [email protected] and participate in the process.
It has been over a decade since I first started Battle Dawn and I want to turn Earth Arena to the most epic mobile strategy game out there.

Thank you for reading and I hope you’ll stick around long enough to help me bring Battle Dawn Earth Arena to the world as the best mobile strategy game of all times just as we did on the web!
BD Founder

So Earth Arena is not strategy less its just that they havent been able to add the features yet due to lack of budget :money_mouth:. IF only they would have atleast posted it on BD forums we would have known what is going on with that app as most of us are interested in it and not feel like Earth Arena is not BD. I hope they are able to resume the development of the game again , looking forward to it.:heart_eyes:

Also can we please have a section for Earth Arena recent developments and updates on BD forums.:innocent:

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I think Earth Arena could be great.

I also think it needs a forum space here, since the actual forum has been hijacked!

Played and won EA alpha 3, when they had 5 types of units and it was great for an alpha game. Glad theyre not planning to keep it 3 rock paper sciscors units


Played EA for all of five minutes. I realized it is literlaly every other ‘strategy game’ app on the app store and was bored to tears.

0/10 would not recommend


Is it your goal to come to the forums and be an ass? If so take that negativity elsewhere.

I mean, if you never want to hear an honest review about your product, then don’t make an area for people to talk about it.

To say the app was lackluster was an understatement, it was a carbon copy of every other ‘strategy game’ app available but somehow LESS interesting. Why did they get rid of ticks? Why do they only have like 5 units or whatever? Why did they change the way conquering/winning works?

Its a pathetic cashgrab that’s not even well executed. You could give me 6 months of dedicated time and I could literally create the exact same thing.

Telling someone how I feel about the game and exposing its flaws isn’t me ‘being an ass’, its me being honest. If you’re too much of a bitch to take some criticism you should probably spend less time on the internet.


BD:EA is an entirely different entity from Different staff completely. And while yes, SM is also the same in terms of staff, SM and BD are intertwined at their base (for instance, token buying). Hence, the 2 games are connected on 1 forums. BD:EA however, this is not the case. They have their own dedicated forum. I honestly have no clue who is in charge of it though.

As for the game being different, it’s really pretty simple. Mobile is an entirely different monster. Simple as that. BD doesn’t cater to the mobile players. It TRULY doesn’t. It requires IMMENSE amount of time to play and succeed. And at it’s core, it just isn’t meant to cater to the average mobile player. It WOULD be convenient however for the avg BD player to have mobile access (but that doesn’t mean that supports creating an App specifically for BD players).
As for BD:EA itself. I myself didn’t like it. It felt too different from the original appeal of BD that I fell in love with (which is partly that hardcore gamer feel). But it caters more to the casual mobile player. And honestly, when it comes to mobile games, you got a little bit to get good ratings. If you fail that, the game is done. Plain and simple. Could be an awesome game, but if it’s got 1 star ratings because every single casual gamer hated it, then the game is doomed regardless. Let’s just say, Dark souls wouldn’t do well as a mobile game :stuck_out_tongue: Mobile has never catered to hardcore gamers though. Some games give ability for players to BE hardcore about their game, but at their core, they ensure fun for casual players as well.

Whether BD:EA is going in the right direction or not however, it’s up to them. I truly wish that team the best. Their success will be a success for everyone overall. I honestly just don’t play mobile games often, so i can’t compare. I only play mobile games when I’m bored out of my mind and alone somewhere outside of my home. Not something the current BD can even come close to catering to.

If EA took 1million dollars to make then they need to fire EVERY person in their design and coding team.


Honestly this is all very…interesting :stuck_out_tongue:

Earth Arena did have investments, can find out about those googling Tacticsoft, but a lot of it was indirect (e.g. right now to work on Super Mechs so future EA development can be funded from there).

EA is not finished, or close to finished. It’s an alpha, and a fairly early one.

Yes, you can make a game like EA in 6 months by yourself, but it’s questionable if it’d be as easy to expand on as EA, or have nice music, 3D Graphics, or be able to scale to potentially millions of players.

Or have support for payments, systems to track marketing, and of course the actual marketing so it’s not just a graveyard. Someone needs to do that marketing, by the way :slight_smile:

Scaling games isn’t very efficient unfortunately, EA is a very big game meant to scale very largely.

Please dont be too quick to judge it, it’s not finished. Its technology however all works, pretty well too. :slight_smile:

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very optimistic goal there

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It is :slight_smile:

They have big hopes for EA, once they come back to it they hope to make it the best game in the app store. :slight_smile:

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