BattleDawn; earth arena / Galaxy / BD


Will BD and Galaxy be joining EA in the app store one day ?

also are we ever going to combine all 3 to one site like earth mars fantasy / EA Galaxy on our pc’s ?

the main reason i do not play galaxy is because its a different site. i really like galaxy though.


As of now according to Tacticsoft, Earth Arena will be a different game which will be similar BD/BG in some form and will be exclusively available on iOS and android only.
To my knowledge there is no plan of combining any of these games. All of them will function separately.

If you want to play BD/BG via mobile, you can try a few flash browsers like Puffin etc. I have been personally using UC browser from past 3-4 years, just that you need to download a flash application from a 3rd party which is completely safe.
If you need more help with this, please do ask.


actually thanks, atm splashtop seems like the route i will take for play BD BG on the phone. if i want to enjoy this game again i will need something for the phone. will let you know how it works out.