BattleDawn Development


Well you try solo programing for a flash game. Not so easy huh.

We’re testing the stuff now what’s left is a lot of smoothin out. The game wasn’t updated for years before this February, y’all can wait a little more. :wink:


How long will it take??


Guys??? When will it happen?


Well if the game wasn’t down, you could go check out the public beta server :wink:


What’s its purpose?..


Seeing that it’s been a year since this thread was posted and around 5 months since the last activity, I’m guessing these updates aren’t actually coming? Any news?


Theres only really one person that works on BD at all and that’s in his spare time. That’s why it takes so long


We had an update in September


Was that implemented in anywhere but G3?


I dont think XPv2 has been implemented. But i think the rest has been


Only XPv2 was reserved for G3.
The remaining changes are live.


Any news on Battle Dawn: Earth Arena? That games seems to have a lot of potential.



That event seems pretty interesting. However, is the app still being developed because there hasn’t been an update for over a year.