BattleDawn Development


The old forum is still very linked with the game so i doubt they are able to take it down. Its also still the only way to change your profile picture.


Glad to hear this mate


That, as well as the World Admin Perms actually run through the Forum perms I believe - Hence all the different admin usergroups on the old forum.


Alex why aren’t the filters working on this forum?


Awesome. Just cam back after a long break. Glad to hear the game is still being developed.


Make sure you check out 2 special eras which will be held soon.


How do I check this?


Direct links


Thank you appreciate it.


We all are working hard to make these eras as well as efforts of tacticsoft to revive the game fruitful.
plz spread a word about these eras as well as new forums to the players you will be meeting.


Thanks I will try my best to do so


Exactly my feelings…Welcome back to life BD




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@Alexander are there no new updates since March?


I also weanna ask that, where are the updates?


The updates are being finalized. I hope Alex can put them out soon.


Any news what are they? @Gaurav


You will see soon enough :slight_smile:, it’s something really cool.


Hoping so , let’s see what will they be I’m eagerly waiting…


You been saying this for like 8 weeks…