BattleDawn Development


So, If a conquered colony is deleted, will the resulting outpost become property of the conqueror, or will it be neutral?


I believe it will be neutral ( belongs to the admin of the world)
And Ofc anyone who sends a squad to it will capture it

Unless some one like Tom pops up and stuffs high hp units into it , thennnn your kinda f’ed


This is quite simply marvellous Alex, you’ve definitely piqued my interest. Might have to start planting again…


nice job alex !! :slight_smile:
but why i didnt get it at BG ?


Awww yea! I hope this is a good sign for the future, keep it up Alex!


really cool update :smiley: :smiley:


From what I understand it’s indeed neutral :slight_smile:


Yes it is indeed.

Infact , they look like this.


Hello guys!
It’s George and I like the new update.
I hope to see more in the future.

Good day everyone!



Finally something new… Maybe I will stick around for a few more eras. Thanks for the hard work Alexander.


This is great news, I look forward to reviewing the updates


Glad to see that BattleDawn is back on on Tacticsoft’s agenda.

Btw when did this new forum start? I was still looking for threads on the old forum & was tired of spams & bots posting adult galleries, micheal jordans & what not.


Like, 2 weeks ago…


Another question Alex, since you are taking over as the community manager, has Ilona left Tacticsoft again?


Product Manager, not community manager. I’ve been community manager since 2015.

And yeah, a month or two ago.


Yeah yeah I meant product manager, just another typo with that community.

Anyway Congratulations!


How often will BD be updated?

Really hoping this isnt a 1 time thing


Working on the next one actually. :slight_smile:

For this week we’ve done some other stuff instead while we work towards a different update (and try to understand the client :stuck_out_tongue: )

Will be a post up about it soon enough.


Ohhh boy! I’m excited to see what this is :slight_smile:


Alex its my request that old forum should not be taken down.If to be taken down then please shift all threads to this new forum. Old forum is the proof of golden history of BD & BG which can never die.

Also if possible ask the devs to restrict new post & answers to old forum. I mean completely lock the old forum, one should be only able to view old threads make it like a museum having old artifacts.