BattleDawn Development

Hello Commanders!

We’ve decided to re-affirm our commitment to Battle Dawn and resume updates.

Starting today, we’ll be releasing a changelog (sometimes larger, sometimes smaller or in the form of a dev log as we work hard towards something nicer :slight_smile: ) every second saturday.

We’re starting with the following changelog:

  • Bugfix to the packages page.
  • New event will now appear when the daily bonus being available to you.
  • Deleted colonies are now replaced by an outpost.
  • Tick engine optimizations, ticks should turn a bit quicker now, especially on busy worlds!
  • Your first OP now has protection (if built within the first ticks of placing) and gets you a message by the admin telling you to raze it.
  • An achievement was added for razing an outpost, paired with a message from the admin asking you for questions.
  • An achievement was added for razing 50 outposts.
  • Various minor bug fixes, especially around the locations for events.
  • Worlds automatically now pause if a team held 10 relics for over 100 ticks, or if it crossed the maximum tick count.
  • The server now stops running ticks automatically on website downtime.
  • AI Colonies added to the game, making sure every world has a degree of conquers :slight_smile:

…Oh right, and these forums!

Thank you everyone for your suggestions and support to this game.

I’ll be taking over as Product Manager for Battle Dawn, and I hope with your help and support we can achieve great things for this game many of us grew up with.

Don’t forget, if you like this update, support development or share it to your friends!

Thank you.


Awesome, awesome, awesome. No other words for it. I’m incredibly glad to see this, thanks Alexander.


Its about time right? :smile:

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Great job with the updates! Hope to see great changes in the future. :grinning:

/green woooohoooooo I am exited :smiley:

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What happened I thought the /green was bbcode :frowning:

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Type : and youll get suggestions, like :sweat_smile: no green guy though!

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:smile: It’s about time! You’ve given us jaded players a ray of hope, Alex. Thanks for continuing to believe in the game, when so many have written it off as no longer worth it. :bow:

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Ok cool… I’m exited :stuck_out_tongue:

This is great, I’m so happy.

Thanks Alex :smiley:

Thank you Alex for all of the time and effort you have put into this. Looking forward to a brighter future for BD.

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Hey There!

Really … Admin Alex is great! I see any update after a long time … now we can make bd great again with Admin Alex works

Thanks Admin Alex for ur work for us! Hope there will be more updates will come!:slight_smile:

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AGREE WITH RANA … BD can be great again … soon CE will be back on BD with admin alex monitoring … n_n

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ALL HAIL The battle dawn tyrant ALEXANDER !!

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