BattleDawn Academy (Adopt-A-Newb Centre)


Name: Dan Cuevas
Language preferred: English or Filipino
Timezone: UTC +8
Discord (optional but highly recommended): nad_q
Skype (in case you don’t have Discord):
Experience/Years played: 1year
Extra info (optional):


but won’t be for long


Forum: Ryo5678 , Old Forum: Ryo56, Ingame: Soluna
Language preferred: English
Timezone: Eastern Standard
Discord (optional but highly recommended): Ryo5678#2011
Skype (in case you don’t have Discord): If you really really want me to use it I will
Experience/Years played: About a year off and on from the last 7-8 years. I have a general idea of what to do but after the basics I’m screwed.
Extra info (optional): Currently on F3


Mentor application form:
In game name (IGN)/ Name: Anish Mal/Death Stalker
Age: 14
Experience/Year you joined BD: 5 years/ 2012
Timezone (in GMT please): GMT + 5.30
Language(s) you could mentor in: English
Contact details including Skype & Discord username: skype(New) - live:2a3d86b5eb5d3bdf , lost old. Discord - I don’t know my id, someone might help me out with that…
Why you want to be a mentor: I guess I have a lot of time and I could probably teach a stuff or two to new people.
Why we should accept you as a mentor: Well I’d commit a lot of time and it would turn out helpful when I’ll explain stuff to newbies or so.
How much time are you willing to invest in the mentor system: 6 hours / day
Any extra Info you would like us to consider: Not really, maybe don’t go by name and reputation. You never know whom you gonna meet or what hand you gonna get dealt with.

Discord is now required for all mentors. Interviews will also be conducted on discord.


Name: Mickmack
Language preferred: English
Timezone: GMT +0
Discord (optional but highly recommended): mickmack12
Skype (in case you don’t have Discord): mickmack1231 (prefer discord but just incase :slight_smile: )
Experience/Years played: I stopped playing about 8 years ago, I only played for about a year then. Just recently come back
Extra info (optional): I understand the basics and how to survive. Just never been able to get in those top alliances or top players


Sorry to revive a dead post but I need guidance as top players keep going at me. And should I launch my spies into myself or into their base?


As you have 10 agents to use, put them on key strategic locations such as gates, ops where your army or their army is located etc. Your spy should be around the same area as your army, so you can utilise it best.


I suggest you use start using discord if you are not already and a few guys will help you on BDA discord.
@Jaymah @Elcent @EnerGY Someone pl take care of him.


Thanks dude.
(damn 20 char limit)


Both of you
(still the limit)


@Martymar has anyone from BDA approached you yet?


With hostility, yes. By attacking me. With peace, yes. Other people want to form an alliance.


Ur Skype?? Martymar


Discord. I use discord


Can u make Skype? Its an important part of this game… Makes communication way easier


I can’t sorry. I can only use discord. Due to platform limitations and plus I just prefer discord.